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24. November 2021

Dell Precision 17 7760 Mobile Workstation memory upgrade.

21. October 2021

Dell Precision 17 7760 Mobile Workstation memory upgrade.

Meet the latest Dell Precision 7000 series workstation packed with a stunnig display backed by nVidia graphic and Intel processors. Exceptionally powerhoused, this laptop supports the PCIe 4.0, the added advantage for faster double bandwidths and onboard optional of Snapdragon X55 5G modem.

From refresh cycles, processing capabilities, Dell has delivered higher performance once again. The 17 7760  is the first Dell Precision laptop to offer 120Hz refresh rate. 

These laptop series come with the faster 3200MHz and ECC Unbuffered memory support, over-clocking options of higher speeds upto a whopping 128GB. Processor support 11th Gen Intel Core and Xeons, 16GB nVidia RTX GPUs. An incremental update since the last model, making it one of the most powerful mobile workstations in 4K.

While memory is not getting cheaper, MemoryStock offers cost-effective inexpensive memory upgrades for the Dell Precision 17 7760 Mobile Workstation. You can purchase now at

Refer the visual illustration for the memory replacing procedure.

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Memory upgrade for your HP Pavilion Slimline s5-1414

13. October 2021

HP Pavilion Slimline S5 Series is a compact sized, entry and mid-range line of desktop computers produced by HP, designed to utilize small spaces of our desks. These as the name signifies, comes in a slimmed form factor, equipped with most features present in a regular desktop, intended for average workloads and home entertainment.

To bring out the sold performance of your Slimline S5 series system, whether file conversion, gaming or compsiting with multimedia programs, this system is able to handle the average workload, if a graphic card and memory is upgraded. Although a graphic card may cost a bit, the memory upgrade is an inexpensive cost effective upgrade any novice user can do.

We at MemoryStock offer memory upgrades for your HP Slimline S5 Desktop at a economical price. To upgrade the memory, we have a simple procedure represented in the diagrams below:

1) Open the cabinet

2) Remove the CD/DVD ROM.

3) Upgrade memory.



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Upgrading RAM memory on 2021's Best Dell 2 in 1 Convertible Laptop.

16. September 2021

Dell Inspiron 14 (5406) 2-in-1 Laptop is one of the best of 2021 convertible laptops.




Designed with the wide-viewing angle (WWA) technology, it comes with a dazzling display with mulitple viewing mode preferences, and connectivity one can count on. True colors, refined refreshing design, with the 'Active Pen' lights up the user experience for the necessary multitasking performance.

To fully utilize the power of this 2-in-1 superior convertible laptop for your office or home needs, upgrading RAM memory is highly recommended. Performance issues or lags can thus be prevented for a smoother experience. 


To order memory upgrades, visit our link below:

And to upgrade the memory, refer the illustration above. The memory flap must be held backwards to see the memory slot.

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Upgrading memory on the 2021 ROG Zephyrus G14 GA401 Series Gaming Laptops.

30. August 2021

Powered by the AMD Ryzen 5000 Octa-Core Processor Series, the ROG Zephyrus G14 GA401QC is an insanely powerful mid-range gaming laptop equipped with nVideo GeForce RTX 3000 Series Graphic, offering high-quality 144Hz Refresh rate graphic experience for both compositers and gaming enthusiasts.

It supports up to 40GB of RAM memory, the standard 8GB memory soldered to the board itself. MemoryStock offers cost-effective upgrade at one of the best price on the internet. 

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To upgrade the RAM memory, unscrew 14 screws holding the compartment cover and then align the memory with the notch to the slot and install it as shown in the figure.


Upgrading memory can significantly increase the performance of the system for both gamers and creators, unlocking the true potential of this laptop. Order now at the cheapest price with lifetime free replacement warranty from us, shipping worldwide.




HP ENVY x360 15-ed0985nd RAM Memory upgrade

30. June 2021

The HP ENVY x360 15-ed0985nd is a 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop, designed to work with photo and video compositing.

The touchscreen can be flipped 360 degrees, offering a tablet experience. Powered by a Intel i7 Core pressor and a nVidia graphic card, it is capable to work seamlessly mulitple programs.

Be it compositing, rendering, gaming or entertainment, the laptop can be folded into the tent mode, packed with Bang & Olufsen audio, backlit keyboard, and a fingerprint scanner, makes this laptop a worthy buy. The only drawback is the graphic card, unsuitable for even for mid-level gaming.

That said, the memory options are grandeur. The laptop HP ENVY x360 15-ed0985nd supports maximum RAM of 64GB. This offers a good upgrade for the smooth operationg of memory consuming applications. The RAM slots are however, hidden from our sight by a metal memory cover, a beginner will not be able to identify.

Check out the illustrative photos for the position of memory slots.

Remove the rear panel, the memory cover, and then you will be able to see the two slots.

For the HP ENVY x360 15-ed0985nd compatible RAM memory upgrades can be found at this link:

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96GB Memory Upgrade for the ThinkStation S20 4157

20. May 2021

96GB Memory Upgrade now possible on the ThinkStation S20 4157.

Lenovo's ThinkStation S20 is the successor of IBM's ThinkStation S10, a single processor workstation, one of a kind first launched in November 2007 in two model variants the D10 and the S10. Two years later, the ThinkStation S20 was released in 2009, with quad-core processor and several expansion options, then, a perfect system for midrange CAD Application softwares, tested and certified by ISVs.

Upgrading the memory, storage and processor with faster and higher capacities can unleash the full potential of your ThinkStation S20 to the ultimate performance. The standard memory of 2GB, supporting up to 48GB maximum gave options for users to upgrade further as users began to render high resolution images and graphics.  Now, with the latest BIOS update, the system can now support up to 96GB configuration on the ThinkStation S20 4157.

To upgrade the memory, unlock the system unit cover, and add the memory as shown in the above illustration. In some variants, memory fan cover needs to be removed, in order to access the memory slots. 

You can now purchase the memory at our store, linked here

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Acer Swift memory upgrades from MemoryStock.

11. March 2021

Acer Swift memory upgrades from MemoryStock.

The Acer Swift is a series of ultra-portable laptops from Acer, designed compact, feather-light portability, zero-frame display, performance-driven and for the best connectivity.

Intially, this lineup series was introduced as the 'Swift 1', with little upgrades possible, memory being soldered to the board.

Following years of development, the Acer Swift series can now be upgraded with optional memory on most models, meeting the needs of creators and visual artists. They come with integrated and dedicated graphics option, aiding to the need of encoders and artist for a powerhouse. Although some models still continue to come with soldered memory, some models do come with a upgradable slot, usually covered by a 'memory module cover', most users miss it for a heat sink. Check the below pictures as to how upgradable RAM Memory is placed in the Swift series.


Some of the popular series in the Acer Swift are:
















The latest premium series is the Swift 7, received the Good Design award in 2019 for it's thin and light design, in order to make the laptop portable as it can be. 

MemoryStock, a memory resellling company since 1999, offers RAM memory upgrades for all Acer Swift series. The memory sold on our site, are highly tested for compatibility with the manufacturer specific requirements, covered under lifetime free replacement warranty from us.

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Updating BIOS - What, why, when and how?

8. February 2021

Updating BIOS - What, why, when and how?

What is BIOS

BIOS, short for Basic Input/Output System, is a ROM Chip in motherboards that holds the basic hardware settings for any computing device. It is the first and lowest level of operation when a computer is powered on, intiailizing all hardware before booting an operating system. 

The ROM chip has a series of instructions called firmware stored in it, to address the configuration of the hardware present in a system. It begins with a POST (Power-On Self-Test) verifying if the computer meets the basic requirements to boot-up properly. If the computer fails to pass the POST, a combination of short and long beeps are heard, indicating the cause of failure.



Typically, there are four main functions performed by the BIOS

1) POST - Testing the computer hardware before loading the Operating Software.

2) Bootstrap Loader - Locating the Operating Software, and passing on the control to it when one is found.

3) BIOS Drivers - Low-level drivers providing basic operational control to the system unit over the hardware.

4) BIOS Setup - A configuration Program to modify values of hardware performance, date, time and password.

When to update BIOS:

Upgrading BIOS vs updating BIOS.

Upgrading BIOS is to replace the BIOS chip, either as replacement for a failed chip or to a latest chip. Rarely recommended and is performed by chip-level repairing.

Updating BIOS is to update the firmware, i.e., the basic instructions for intializing hardware. Recommended to update for latest firmware adding new features and better recognition of components, and is not necessary if the system is performing as it should.

How to update BIOS:

To update the BIOS firmware, download the latest BIOS file from the manufacturer's driver downloads page with your current 'working' configuration, before you add any new hardware.

The BIOS file will typically have a auto-flashing program within it, and is self-executable. After the system reports successful update, restart the system couple of times manually for the changes to take effect and then turn off the system. For more information, refer this HP Article that has detailed information on the process, which may be similar to other sytem manufacturers as well:

Below are the list of Support links for a few System Manufacturers:

Manufacturer not listed? Contact us on Live Chat support by clicking here.

After the update and restarts, add the new hardware (Memory/RAM or if any other) and power on the system.

The updated BIOS firmware should now detect any new hardware that failed to be recognized before the BIOS update.

Caution: BIOS updating is a sophisticated root level modification and it is recommended to follow the instructions as the system manufacturer specifies in their BIOS File Description.

Upgrading memory on HP Pavilion Power Laptops.

24. December 2020

Upgrading memory on HP Pavilion Power Laptops.

The Pavilion Power are a range of laptops from HP, designed by breaking grounds, delivering a creative powerhouse for the ultimate graphics and computing experience.

Configured with a Intel Quad-Core Processor, nVidia graphics card, faster and larger capacity storage memory, they offer a crystal clear gaming and entertainment experience, all moulded in a bold and daring design, backlit by a rich acid-green tint off the keyboard.

HP offers upgradable options for storage and RAM memory, both, cost effective upgrades, can significantly effect a higher performance of your HP Pavilion Power laptop. MemoryStock sells RAM memory at an affordable price, one of the lowest in the internet. 

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