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Memory upgrade for the HP's OMEN X 2S RTX Studio 15-dg0026nr

17. August 2020

Memory upgrade for the HP's OMEN X 2S RTX Studio 15-dg0026nr


With the new HP's OMEN X 2S RTX Studio laptop, unlease the graphic experience for your applications.

Attractive features of a dual screen display, a per-key-RGB Backlit keyboard, shadow black body and a neat chassis, the OMEN X 2S RTX Studio stand apart, packed with high optional  configuration of processors, graphic cards, memory, and cooling system, all built into a metallic, sleek design, it offers the avant-grande among the Laptops built by HP, extending your ability to create richer, endless possibilities for the high performance and uninterrupted multi-tasking potential, a gamer or a graphist enthusiasts require.

It's basic configuration begins with 9th Gen Intel Processor, nVidia's 2000 series, and 16GB DDR4 Memory with upgradable options.

MemoryStock offers RAM upgrade at a low cost price for your OMEN X 2S RTX Studio laptop, available at this link:

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Memory upgrade for the HP Pavilion x360 Series Laptop.

31. July 2020

Memory upgrade for the HP Pavilion x360 Series Laptop

HP's latest premium hybrid laptops is the x360 series built for the office workload. x360's is a convertible laptop that can be used as a tablet because of the touchscreen included. The display can swivel 360 degrees. These are one of the best slim laptops offered by HP, that is rigid, good performing, combined with an immersive audio experience, rotating screen, a touch pen, supported by a good battery.

You can purchase one at their site with standard configurations or optional customizable variants. Most Pavilion x360 laptops come with a standard memory of 4GB or 8GB, which will eventually run out, as you begin to install applications, especially the ones that are graphic and memory consuming softwares. 

MemoryStock offers memory upgrades for HP Pavilion x360 series at the best price. One of the latest and best models in the HP Pavilion x360 series is the Pavilion x360 14-dh1026tx, and we have the right memory, avialable to view here:

If you haven't upgraded the RAM memory of your computer, you are greatly missing on the potential your device can offer and is capable of. Have a question? Live chat with us.

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Memory Upgrade in the time of COVID-19.

16. July 2020

Memory Upgrade in the time of COVID-19.

COVID-19, the new virus pandemic has changed the way of living, for people all over the world. While it has affected the social environment on the streets, it has brought tremendous increase in online usage, as people are ordered to stay indoors, work and businesses being run at home. 

Statistics show surge in internet usage about 70% increase in the last few months, with the extraordinary sales of Laptops and desktops, hoping to deliver productivity uninterrupted. Many companies purchase the pleasant-design looking newer laptops over performance oriented laptops, especially the Chromebooks and Stream Laptops, which ship with standard memory. These budget laptops are released mainly for basic video viewing, and office suite, unbuilt for the remote user experience. 

Choosing the right system during the COVID situation helps to save money as well as not be purloined by the marketing strategies of computer manufacturers. An upgradable PC always gives the user the choice to increase it's potential, especially memory upgrade, as most laptops and desktops are known to lack average memory needed to run their applications. MemoryStock offers RAM upgrade at best prices in the internet, shipping worldwide even during the time of COVID. 

Upgrading memory is the best way to increase performance of your existing computers, if you are working or streaming high-quality videos to pass away the lockdown period. To purchase the right memory upgrade, visit and hit search with your system model number. Our database is daily updated with hundreds of models as newer PCs are released in the market. The pandemic will be over soon, but not your losses, choose MemoryStock for a cost-effective, assured performance for your computers!

Have a question about memory upgrade for your system? Live chat with us.


RAM memory upgrades for the CyberPowerPC Computers

7. July 2020

RAM memory upgrades for the CyberPowerPC Computers.

CyberPowerPC, a private gaming-oriented computer manufacturer located in California, US, is one of the best solutions for gaming enthusiasts, as well as drafting professionals.



Their wide range from low cost to high cost cutomized with AMD and Intel configurations are worthy deals to choose from. These PC's are usually sold as assembled pacakages, ready to plug in for use. All variants, desktops and laptops come with user-customizable memory upgrades, come with an option to upgrade later. 

For the latest builds visit:

Upgrading memory for your CyberPowerPC is the easiest and fastest way to increase the temporary storage space, so you can work on several applications simultaneously as well as work with high-memory consuming applications.

MemoryStock offers low cost RAM memory upgrades for CyberPowerPC Desktops and Laptops. Visit for the complete listing. With the upgrade, your systems will be more capable to work or to play, such as multi-tabbed internet browsing, compositing, playing high-memory consuming games.

RAM upgrades bought at MemoryStock are covered under 30 day moneyback guarantee and lifetime free replacement warranty.

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How to find Synology RAM Memory upgrades.

23. June 2020

How to find Synology RAM Memory upgrades.

Synology, a taiwanese corporation established two decades ago, specializes in network-attached storage systems, known widely by their DiskStations offering one of the best NAS solutions in the industry.

Their wide range of NAS solutions, such as DiksStations, FlashStations, RackStations, Router Managers, precedes the brand's reputation as an efficient and successful data-solutions center.

You can extend it's performance by providing with ample RAM Memory space for more applications to be used simultaneously, as these Storage Appliances too come with standard memory only, unless purchased with high memory configured during the order. Consumers usually choose the lowest memory configuration, only to upgrade later to their choice of memory supplier and leisue of time. 

MemoryStock offers industry-leading memory modules at a low cost for your NAS appliances, 100% compatible with Synology devices. We are in the business since 1999, offering cost effective performance for servers, personal computers, laptops, storage devices, and printers, covered under liftime free replacment warranty, backed by a 30-day MoneyBack guarantee.

Purchasing memory for your NAS system is made simple on our site, as our database is updated with upgradable models 

When you are ready to buy, just visit the our homepage below:

and type in the search bar, your model number. Compatible RAM upgrades will list up as search results, of which you can choose from.

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RAM Memory upgrade for the HP Envy Curved All-in-One Desktop PC

12. June 2020

RAM Memory upgrade for the HP Envy Curved All-in-One Desktop PC.

All-in-One Desktop Computers save us the time and technical information required to assemble the best monitor, processor, graphic, cabinet, camera, and other components individually. It offers all of these components in a pre-assembled single package, although such a convenience at a price. In the newest PCs, the components have been squeezed to the base stand itself. 

The latest HP Envy AIO has an elegant design with a curved screen, providing the most immersive multimedia experience enriched by the 34" UWQHD LED Display, housed with latest processors, integrated graphics and SSD and a pop-up camera.

These systems are ideal for mid-gaming, as well as compositing graphic appications, delivering high productivity. They also come with a wireless keyboard and mouse. All it lacks is a DVD drive, however they are on the decline in computers as newer options are becoming available.

All said, these PCs are one of the best in class All-in-One PCs, that can save your workspace, messed cables, giving the flexibility to move as you wish. 

MemoryStock offers RAM Memory upgrades for these HP Envy Curved All-in-One Desktops. Most variants supporting up to 32GB of the latest DDR4. These are simple low-cost upgrades that will make your Desktop perform even better, for a solid powerhouse computer. Playback, multitasking, dedicated gaming performance is increased by upgrading the RAM Memory. 

We offer 30 day MoneyBack Guarantee, backed by a lifetime free replacement warranty from us. We highly recommend upgrading the memory, for the best expertaintment. Visit now:



Upgrading RAM Memory on Intel NUC Mini PCs

28. May 2020

Upgrading RAM Memory on Intel NUC Mini PCs

NUC (Short for Next Unit of Computing) is a line of Small Form Factor barebone computing kits designed by Intel. The first generation released in 2013, targeted to achieve a full-sized PC power in the smallest form possible. 

Although several NUC type PCs are now available by different manfucturers, Intel has engineed their NUC PCs with quality, performance, and long-term reliability that has always been consistenly known of them. These Mini PCs are made to run, just by plugging the monitor, keyboard and a mouse. They come with optional upgradable components, squeezed with the latest ports, technology, power, storage, and memory. They are the portable powerhouses, able to play some of the high-end graphic applications, the latest model as of Q2 2020, configured with Intel i9 Processor, M.2 Storage drives and optional 64GB of RAM is a feast for gaming and designinng enthusiasts, a tenth generation NUC. 

Stress tests have shown significant development in performance of single core and multi-thread processing, achieved through integrated and discrete graphics, HDD, and SSD configurations, as well as by using faster memory speeds.

Memory upgrade on the Intel NUCs are very simple and easy, as they have chosen the SODIMM type, used in laptops and All-in-One PCs. With the option to upgrade RAM memory, consumers can afford to purchase these expensive small machines and upgrade it later. MemoryStock offers 100% compatible memory upgrades for these Mini PCs, at cheap prices backed by a lifetime free replacement warranty. 

All you need is a model number, log on to our website, look up the model number, and the upgrades are listed. Just add to cart and the memory is ready to be shipped. The whole shopping experience is made simple to finish the whole purchase in a couple of minutes, covered under 30-day moneyback guarantee, amples an assured purchase.

Upgrading memory is the easiest way to amplify the performance of your Intel NUC Mini PCs and MemoryStock offers the best deals targeted for Customer Satisfaction. Why wait, seize the power of these mini workhouses by upgrading with our memory.

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Choose MemoryStock, get the best memory upgrade !


RAM Memory Upgrades for the Top 5 AMD X570 Motherboards

18. February 2020

RAM Memory Upgrades for the Top 5 AMD X570 Motherboards

Ready to build with the latest AMD Chipset Motherboard? We recommend choosing best memory upgrades available at unbeatable prices, visit for the best deals.

This article picks a few top performing AMD X570 Motherboard keeping in mid of high productivity and workstation performance demand requirement. From Entry-Level to the Ultimate, here are our top 5 Motherboard recommendations for the AMD X570 Chipset.


Best Entry Level AMD X570 Motherboard:


Best All-Rounder AMD X570 Motherboard:

Asrock X570 Taichi
Gigabyte X570 AORUS ULTRA

Best high-end AMD X570 Motherboard:

Gigabyte X570 AORUS MASTER
ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero

The Best AMD X570 Motherboard:

Gigabyte X570 AORUS XTREME

The Ultimate AMD X570 Motherboard:

ASRock X570M Pro4

RAM memory purchased from our site carries lifetime free replacment warranty from us. Shop now with with a 30-day Moneyback assurance only at

RAM memory upgrade for GigaByte AMD X570 Chipset Motherboards.

17. February 2020

RAM memory upgrade for GigaByte AMD X570 Chipset Motherboards.

The X570 Chipset by AMD released in Q2 2019 is one of the powerful industry-lead chipsets at the moment, idesigned for enthusiasts, gamers and creators. With this new chipset, users are able to achieve faster speeds than before. GigaByte's AMD X570 chipset motherboards offer a wide variety of gaming motherboards, and in some models bulit-in WiFi module.

They are built to work with the latest PCI Express 4.0 interface doubling the bandwidth speed, required by increasing-performance demands of applications. It sets a new record With 42% faster speed in Gen 4 AND processors over the previous Gen 3rd Processors. With major support now available for the GigaByte's AMD X570 Chipset motherboards, MemoryStock offers cost-flexible RAM memory upgrades with great deals covered under lifetime free replacement warranty. 

For a list of GigaByte's  AMD X570 Chipset Motherboards:










X570 UD

Memory speeds having been increased, are now available up to DDR4-4400 for the AMD X570 Chipset Motherboards by over-clocking options, standard speeds of 2133MHz, 2400MHz, 2666MHz.


Shop now at for the best GigaByte AMD X570 Chipset Motherboard RAM upgrades.

Dell PowerEdge M Series server RAM memory upgrades.

29. October 2019

Dell PowerEdge M Series server RAM memory upgrades.

PowerEdge M Series Server are blade servers of the modular design by Dell. There are two model variants mainly, Intel-powered Servers and AMD-Powered Servers, available with several configuration arrays. These were once named as the Best Blade Server system of the year.

The Dell PowerEdge M Series are focused to attain enery efficient, flexible I/O options, ideally designed for medium and large workload environments, helping to produce a high-performance Server without having phsyical space issues.

Major differences in these M Series Server are the simple manageability, increased flexibility, energy efficiency, providing a simple, cost-effective solution for data centers.

One such model is the PowerEdge M1000e, a breakthrough in enterprise servers during its release. Other M Series Models are the PowerEdge M610 and M710 available with Intel Xeons. These three are the best-in-class modular servers by Dell. AMD Opteron powered M605, M805, and M905 are also top class in the AMD segment.

To improve the performance of these great Dell PowerEdge Module Servers to their maximum, is to increase the RAM Memory. This is the easiest upgrade you can do, over the standard memory configuration that the Servers come with, making the Server more easy to use and manage. Dell PowerEdge Modular Server Memory upgrades are available at at a simple, low-cost way.

Hop on to for the best memory upgrade deals for your M series Servers.

All of the Modular Servers are listed below with direct links for memory upgrades:

Dell PowerEdge M1000e Modular Blade
Dell PowerEdge M420
Dell PowerEdge M520
Dell PowerEdge M600 Blade
Dell PowerEdge M605 Blade Server
Dell PowerEdge M610 blade server
Dell PowerEdge M610x Blade Server
Dell PowerEdge M620
Dell PowerEdge M630
Dell PowerEdge M640 Blade Server
Dell PowerEdge M710 Blade
Dell PowerEdge M710HD Blade Server
Dell PowerEdge M805 Blade Server (DDR2-667MHz)
Dell PowerEdge M805 Blade Server (DDR2-800MHz)
Dell PowerEdge M820
Dell PowerEdge M830
Dell PowerEdge M905 Blade Server (DDR2-667MHz)
Dell PowerEdge M905 Blade Server (DDR2-800MHz)
Dell PowerEdge M910 (DDR3-1066MHz)
Dell PowerEdge M910 (DDR3-1333MHz)
Dell PowerEdge M915
Dell PowerEdge MX740c Compute Sled Server
Dell PowerEdge MX840c

All Memory sold at MemoryStock are certified for 100% compatibility, and are covered under lifetime free replacement warranty. Why wait now? Order the best memory upgrades now, and receive the benefits of a real Dell PowerEdge M Series Server experience.

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