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Upgrading memory on HP Pavilion Power Laptops.

24. December 2020

Upgrading memory on HP Pavilion Power Laptops.

The Pavilion Power are a range of laptops from HP, designed by breaking grounds, delivering a creative powerhouse for the ultimate graphics and computing experience.

Configured with a Intel Quad-Core Processor, nVidia graphics card, faster and larger capacity storage memory, they offer a crystal clear gaming and entertainment experience, all moulded in a bold and daring design, backlit by a rich acid-green tint off the keyboard.

HP offers upgradable options for storage and RAM memory, both, cost effective upgrades, can significantly effect a higher performance of your HP Pavilion Power laptop. MemoryStock sells RAM memory at an affordable price, one of the lowest in the internet. 

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Memory upgrade for the thin and light Dell Vostro 14 3401 Laptop.

30. November 2020

Memory upgrade for the thin and light Dell Vostro 14 3401 Laptop.


The new Dell Vostro 3000 series has been refreshed with yet another thin and light, affordable configuration, as the Vostro 14 3401.

Designed with a full HD Display, 10th generation Intel processor, faster storage, and memory upgrade options, the Vostro 3401 laptop offers a perfect solution for home and office consumers. Bad Reviews on the Vostro 3401 are concerned with the limited standard memory configuration of 4GB, which, is the basic requirement for Windows 10 OS to operate. Consumers unaware of this factor, downvote the product as a bad laptop.

Here is where MemoryStock can help boost your laptop, by upgrading with the right amount of memory upgrade.

The Vostro 14 3401 10th Gen Laptop supports up to 64GB DDR4 PC4-21300 2666MHz Non-ECC SODIMM. Check this link for the compatible memory upgrades:

Upgrading memory is easy. Here is the installation instructions link, by the manufacturer:

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Caution! Fraudulent coupon code offers on the rise.

5. November 2020

Caution! Fraudulent coupon code offers on the rise.

Have you come across a website offering coupon deals for MemoryStock? It is likely a fake website operating to lure customers to browse through their inventory. These coupon codes will not work on MemoryStock.

Although there are genuine examples of this economical savings business strategy, your constant search to avail discounts, to save a few bucks, may end up being scammed of your precious time, if not your money or information, resulting in the loss of a potential purchase, steering clear to a competitor.

We have noticed a rapid rise in sites offering fake coupon codes, using our trademark and logo. It causes significant revenue loss and increase in operational costs to respond the fraud. Deceptive practice using our trademark and logo will be treated as theft and fraud.

Please beware, MemoryStock does not offer discounts through any Coupon websites, and we have never affiliated ourselves with any third-party websites that publish bogus offers, coupons, discount codes, promo codes etc. through any other channel.

When we do offer discounts, usually limited to a couple of days, it is announced via our Facebook page or via a banner pinned to our site for all users to see. We do not ask for personal information in exchange for a coupon. Any such future offers and probable affiliations with coupon-websites will be listed in this page. That being said, MemoryStock prices are one of the best you will see on the internet, already discounted for the benefit of the customer and very rarely announce discount sales, generally, when a price has taken a dip in memory markets.

All coupon-website redirections to our page, is therefore discredited from discount claims and will not be fulfilled, and we will not be responsible for any discount offers via so called "COUPONS", "PROMO CODES", "% OFF Deal", "OFFER Deal", "SALE" and the kind found on any external websites.

If you come across any websites claming to be offering these kinds of discounts, you can report it to us through the live chat support or by contacting us at info @

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Acer ConceptD Pro Laptop RAM memory upgrades

17. October 2020

Acer ConceptD Pro Laptop RAM memory upgrades

The Acer's new flashy, designer laptop is the year old launched ConceptD line of laptops. 

Built to produce the finest creative work, they are one of the top 10 laptops of 2020 with creative premium white design, dynamic display, stronger hardware, appealing to the multimedia graphic enthusiasts and content creators. Acer has been emphatic on the 'D' factor of development, design, discovery, display, etc.,. in this line of up laptops. Configured-to-order with IPS Displays 'Ezel Hinge', powerful processors delivers the best RGB coverage ever by mobile workstations. Though most of the hardware components are soldered to the board itself, the RAM memory in the ConceptD line seris of laptops have been left to 'upgradable'. Users can upgrade the memory to the official maximum '2 x 16GB' on all of their laptops. Some have been reported to work with 64 GB RAM.

The standard memory may become insufficient as you begin to render high-end graphic compositing projects, resulting in possible 'low-memory' errors, or a lower peforming experience. So, the best way to being back the potential of this amazing hardware concept, is to upgrade the RAM to the maximum as possible. MemoryStock offers 100% compatible RAM memory upgrades for all Acer ConceptD and ConceptD Pro laptops. 

Since the launch of the ConceptD series, about a year ago, it has garnered the attention of Creators, rising up as the powerful of laptops from Acer. Upgrade now with a cost-effective RAM upgrade from MemoryStock to unleash the maximum performance of this 'beautiful, impressive machine'. All RAM upgrades at are covered under lifetime free replacement warranty from us.

List of Concept D laptops:

Acer ConceptD 3 CN315-71-7562

Acer ConceptD 3 CN315-71-791U

Acer ConceptD 5 CN515-51-72FX

Acer ConceptD 5 CN515-71-712T

Acer ConceptD 5 CN517-71-75ZU

Acer ConceptD 7 CN715-71-70LR

Acer ConceptD 5 CN517-71-70R8

Acer ConceptD 5 Pro CN517-71P-72DN

Acer ConceptD 7 CN715-71-73A9

Acer ConceptD 7 Pro CN715-71P-770L

Acer ConceptD 9 CN917-71-96FM

Acer ConceptD 9 Pro CN917-71P-9796

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Top 10th Gen Intel Processor trending laptops 2020 Q3

14. September 2020

Top 10th Gen Intel Processor trending laptops 2020 Q3

A short list of the top trending laptop releases with Intel's 10th Gen processors.

They promise productivity enhancements unlike before, with one of the best-in-class connectivity features, premium media enriching hardware, and graphics, combined as the Power of  10, delivering an ultra-fast, super-charged gaming performance, a bump in advantages over the previous generation processors, offered in a wide range of possibilities in customizations.

The trending laptops for the 3rd quarter of 2020 are listed below, like to compatible DDR4 2666MHz SODIMM Memory:

HP Envy 13-ba0010tx

HP 340S G7

HP ProBook 450 G7

HP OMEN 15-ek0018tx

Dell Latitude 3410

Dell XPS 15 9500

Dell Latitude 3510

Dell Latitude 5411

Acer Aspire 5S A515-54 Series

Aer Aspire 5 Slim A514-52 Series

Asus ZenBook Pro Duo Ci5

Asus ZenBook Pro Duo Ci7

Dell Inspiron 5593

HP Pavilion x360 14-dh1025tx

HP Pavilion x360 14-dh1007tu

MSI Modern 14 Series.

Maximize the performance of your Intel 10th Generation Laptops and Desktops by upgrading the RAM memory, available at affordable prices at MemoryStock.

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Upgrading memory on QNAP NAS Systems.

4. September 2020

Upgrading memory on QNAP NAS Systems.

NAS are server storage devices wherein data are stored and shared to multiple clients. They are specialized to offer remote access making the NAS system a mini-server, that can be further attached to a large server as a supporting appliance. They can contain many number of storage drives sorted by hardware and software configurations. Though they are much prone to attacks than a standalone server, they offer a cost-effective 'server-like' features, attracting consumers of all ranges.

QNAP NAS comes with exceptional features such as high speed connectivity port, virtual softwares for data backup, expansion cards that an double the connectivity options. These are one of the best NAS solutions, like the Synology NAS systems. With the advance in technology, the QNAP NAS systems show signs of great development in the future. 

Most QNAP NAS systems comes with a basic configuration. You can choose a single storage drive or mulitple storage drive, supported by a processor and a basic memory to run their software program. To simply increase the performance of your existing QNAP NAS System, you can upgrade the memory to the maximum it supports. Moreover, some of the systems support even more than the amount of RAM specified as the maximum by the manufacturer.

Here is how MemoryStock can help you in finding the best RAM upgrade for your QNAP NAS device. Log on to and just type in the model number in the search field. And it will list you the search result. 

For eg: TS-451S NAS

A direct link available for QNAP's TS-451S NAS here:

Officially the TS-451S NAS, supports up to 8GB using two 4GB sticks, but the system is capable of 2 x 8GB configuration as maximum.

There is tremendous change by just adding a 4GB stick to your NAS device. Increase now your productivity by shopping at MemoryStock, covered under 30-day moneyback gurantee and lifetime free replacement warranty.

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Memory upgrade for the HP's OMEN X 2S RTX Studio 15-dg0026nr

17. August 2020

Memory upgrade for the HP's OMEN X 2S RTX Studio 15-dg0026nr


With the new HP's OMEN X 2S RTX Studio laptop, unlease the graphic experience for your applications.

Attractive features of a dual screen display, a per-key-RGB Backlit keyboard, shadow black body and a neat chassis, the OMEN X 2S RTX Studio stand apart, packed with high optional  configuration of processors, graphic cards, memory, and cooling system, all built into a metallic, sleek design, it offers the avant-grande among the Laptops built by HP, extending your ability to create richer, endless possibilities for the high performance and uninterrupted multi-tasking potential, a gamer or a graphist enthusiasts require.

It's basic configuration begins with 9th Gen Intel Processor, nVidia's 2000 series, and 16GB DDR4 Memory with upgradable options.

MemoryStock offers RAM upgrade at a low cost price for your OMEN X 2S RTX Studio laptop, available at this link:

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Memory upgrade for the HP Pavilion x360 Series Laptop.

31. July 2020

Memory upgrade for the HP Pavilion x360 Series Laptop

HP's latest premium hybrid laptops is the x360 series built for the office workload. x360's is a convertible laptop that can be used as a tablet because of the touchscreen included. The display can swivel 360 degrees. These are one of the best slim laptops offered by HP, that is rigid, good performing, combined with an immersive audio experience, rotating screen, a touch pen, supported by a good battery.

You can purchase one at their site with standard configurations or optional customizable variants. Most Pavilion x360 laptops come with a standard memory of 4GB or 8GB, which will eventually run out, as you begin to install applications, especially the ones that are graphic and memory consuming softwares. 

MemoryStock offers memory upgrades for HP Pavilion x360 series at the best price. One of the latest and best models in the HP Pavilion x360 series is the Pavilion x360 14-dh1026tx, and we have the right memory, avialable to view here:

If you haven't upgraded the RAM memory of your computer, you are greatly missing on the potential your device can offer and is capable of. Have a question? Live chat with us.

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Memory Upgrade in the time of COVID-19.

16. July 2020

Memory Upgrade in the time of COVID-19.

COVID-19, the new virus pandemic has changed the way of living, for people all over the world. While it has affected the social environment on the streets, it has brought tremendous increase in online usage, as people are ordered to stay indoors, work and businesses being run at home. 

Statistics show surge in internet usage about 70% increase in the last few months, with the extraordinary sales of Laptops and desktops, hoping to deliver productivity uninterrupted. Many companies purchase the pleasant-design looking newer laptops over performance oriented laptops, especially the Chromebooks and Stream Laptops, which ship with standard memory. These budget laptops are released mainly for basic video viewing, and office suite, unbuilt for the remote user experience. 

Choosing the right system during the COVID situation helps to save money as well as not be purloined by the marketing strategies of computer manufacturers. An upgradable PC always gives the user the choice to increase it's potential, especially memory upgrade, as most laptops and desktops are known to lack average memory needed to run their applications. MemoryStock offers RAM upgrade at best prices in the internet, shipping worldwide even during the time of COVID. 

Upgrading memory is the best way to increase performance of your existing computers, if you are working or streaming high-quality videos to pass away the lockdown period. To purchase the right memory upgrade, visit and hit search with your system model number. Our database is daily updated with hundreds of models as newer PCs are released in the market. The pandemic will be over soon, but not your losses, choose MemoryStock for a cost-effective, assured performance for your computers!

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RAM memory upgrades for the CyberPowerPC Computers

7. July 2020

RAM memory upgrades for the CyberPowerPC Computers.

CyberPowerPC, a private gaming-oriented computer manufacturer located in California, US, is one of the best solutions for gaming enthusiasts, as well as drafting professionals.



Their wide range from low cost to high cost cutomized with AMD and Intel configurations are worthy deals to choose from. These PC's are usually sold as assembled pacakages, ready to plug in for use. All variants, desktops and laptops come with user-customizable memory upgrades, come with an option to upgrade later. 

For the latest builds visit:

Upgrading memory for your CyberPowerPC is the easiest and fastest way to increase the temporary storage space, so you can work on several applications simultaneously as well as work with high-memory consuming applications.

MemoryStock offers low cost RAM memory upgrades for CyberPowerPC Desktops and Laptops. Visit for the complete listing. With the upgrade, your systems will be more capable to work or to play, such as multi-tabbed internet browsing, compositing, playing high-memory consuming games.

RAM upgrades bought at MemoryStock are covered under 30 day moneyback guarantee and lifetime free replacement warranty.

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