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Dell PowerEdge M Series server RAM memory upgrades.

29. October 2019

Dell PowerEdge M Series server RAM memory upgrades.

PowerEdge M Series Server are blade servers of the modular design by Dell. There are two model variants mainly, Intel-powered Servers and AMD-Powered Servers, available with several configuration arrays. These were once named as the Best Blade Server system of the year.

The Dell PowerEdge M Series are focused to attain enery efficient, flexible I/O options, ideally designed for medium and large workload environments, helping to produce a high-performance Server without having phsyical space issues.

Major differences in these M Series Server are the simple manageability, increased flexibility, energy efficiency, providing a simple, cost-effective solution for data centers.

One such model is the PowerEdge M1000e, a breakthrough in enterprise servers during its release. Other M Series Models are the PowerEdge M610 and M710 available with Intel Xeons. These three are the best-in-class modular servers by Dell. AMD Opteron powered M605, M805, and M905 are also top class in the AMD segment.

To improve the performance of these great Dell PowerEdge Module Servers to their maximum, is to increase the RAM Memory. This is the easiest upgrade you can do, over the standard memory configuration that the Servers come with, making the Server more easy to use and manage. Dell PowerEdge Modular Server Memory upgrades are available at at a simple, low-cost way.

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All of the Modular Servers are listed below with direct links for memory upgrades:

Dell PowerEdge M1000e Modular Blade
Dell PowerEdge M420
Dell PowerEdge M520
Dell PowerEdge M600 Blade
Dell PowerEdge M605 Blade Server
Dell PowerEdge M610 blade server
Dell PowerEdge M610x Blade Server
Dell PowerEdge M620
Dell PowerEdge M630
Dell PowerEdge M640 Blade Server
Dell PowerEdge M710 Blade
Dell PowerEdge M710HD Blade Server
Dell PowerEdge M805 Blade Server (DDR2-667MHz)
Dell PowerEdge M805 Blade Server (DDR2-800MHz)
Dell PowerEdge M820
Dell PowerEdge M830
Dell PowerEdge M905 Blade Server (DDR2-667MHz)
Dell PowerEdge M905 Blade Server (DDR2-800MHz)
Dell PowerEdge M910 (DDR3-1066MHz)
Dell PowerEdge M910 (DDR3-1333MHz)
Dell PowerEdge M915
Dell PowerEdge MX740c Compute Sled Server
Dell PowerEdge MX840c

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Memory upgrade for the Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers

18. October 2019

Memory upgrade for the Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers.

Memory upgrade for the Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers are powerful servers with a wide range from entry-level to high-end peformance enterprise servers, designed to deliver finely tuned performance.

These Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers help you in consolidating your data, and accelerate applications faster than before, customized with several hardware options to choose to from.

A smoother workplace environment can be accomplished with your existing Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers by simple, cost-effective upgrade such as the RAM memory.
RAM memory helps in runnng complex workloads, mutli-users, reducing process time an so forth, thereby improving the life of the server. Most Dell Servers support only ECC Unbuffered, Reg ECC and Load-reduced Reg ECC. Both One Socket and Two socket servers have a lot of features to select from, thereby eliminating 'high-budget only' servers. For the highest performance delivering, users have the option to choose from the Four Socket portfolio of Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack Servers.

Identifying the right memory has been made easy, all Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack Servers have been researched for techncal information and segregated to make the memory upgrade process, just a matter of clicks. Below are the latest list of Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers that MemoryStock offers free replacment lifetime warranted RAM memory.

PowerEdge R240 Server
PowerEdge R340 Server
PowerEdge R6415 Server
PowerEdge R7415 Server
PowerEdge R6515 Server
PowerEdge R7515 Server

PowerEdge C4140 Server
PowerEdge XR2 Server
PowerEdge R440 Server
PowerEdge R540 Server
PowerEdge R730 Server
PowerEdge R730xd Server
PowerEdge R740 Server
PowerEdge R640 Server
PowerEdge R630 Server
PowerEdge R7425 Server
PowerEdge R740xd Server
PowerEdge R740xd2 Server
PowerEdge R6525 Server
PowerEdge R840 Server
PowerEdge R940 Server
PowerEdge R940xa Server

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RAM memory upgrade for Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers

8. October 2019

RAM memory upgrade for Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers.

Dell PowerEdge Towers are the ideal servers for small office/home office. Designed for ample file storage and sharing options, with customized data protection services.

These PowerEdge Servers are powerful, with high efficiency in mind to meet the demands of audio/visual requirements. Several variants are available as options to choose from, depending on the processor, storage amd memory capabilities, with the option of future upgrades using latest Intel Processors, DDR4 memory and flash disks.
PowerEdge Tower Servers are one of the powerful, reliable Servers out there. Enhance the productivity by a simple low cost RAM memory upgrade from MemoryStock.
Manage your growing business needs using these easy-to-manage servers, that can address your business workloads.

Dell PowerEdge T140 Server
Dell PowerEdge T30  Server
Dell PowerEdge T330 Server
Dell PowerEdge T340 Server
Dell PowerEdge T640 Server
Dell PowerEdge T440 Server

Memory options available are: DDR4 PC4-17000 2133MHz, PC4-19200 2400MHz Registered ECC (RDIMM), Load-reduced Registered ECC DIMM (LRDIMM)

For more information on the memory specs for the Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers can be viewed by visiting the server page above.

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How to find RAM memory upgrade for your HP Pavilion 15-au057cl laptop

27. September 2019

How to find RAM memory upgrade for your HP Pavilion 15-au057cl laptop

This Intel i5-6200U Dual-Core Processor laptop from HP is one of the good 'touch enabled' laptops. With a simple memory upgrade, it can perform very well from the limitation it faces with the 'standard' memory it comes with.

The HP Pavilion 15-au057cl is built with a natural silver attraction at an affordable price budget. Although it is an entry-level laptop, good for basic to mid/average processing applications. The only drawback is the bloatware applications that run in the background causing performance lags, which can be solved with a clean, fresh installation of Windows 10 is recommended. Click here on how to download the ISO of Windows 10 for free.

For memory upgrade options, visit our website:

We have included a dissassembly guide with a memory upgrade, one of our users did for us. Check out the memory upgrade tutorial at



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ASUS VivoBook S15 S510UN RAM memory upgrade guide.

6. September 2019

ASUS VivoBook S15 S510UN RAM memory upgrade guide.

The VivoBook series by ASUS is one of the thinnest and lightest laptops to consider on a budget.

It has the regular size of 15" screen, made compactly keeping in mind of lighter portability. The latest series expected to come with fingerprint option on the trackpage, for a Windows S Mode feature, powered by the latest 8th Generation processors.

The VivoBook can perform much better with 16GB or even 32GB(on some model variants only) memory. All it takes is a quick purchase and plug and play memory install process.

Upgrading memory improves the overall performance your laptop. Some of the changes you may be able to notice on your VivoBook are:

1) Faster boot

2) Quicker response between operations

3) Seamless multi-tasking

4) Support for high memory consuming applications

5) Effective virtual workloads.

MemoryStock offers RAM upgrade for the VivoBook at a cost effective price. Choose the best memory upgrdae for your Asus VivoBook S15 S510UN here:

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CCleaner - One tool to speed up your system for free.

19. August 2019
CCleaner - One tool to speed up your system for free.

Speed up your Computer with these three methods:

1) Clear temporary/Junk files

Erasing potentially unwanted files off your system helps in better browsing sessions

2) Disable unwanted applications from startup execution

Removing programs that are set to run when the computer starts, helps in a faster boot.

3) Drive Wiper

Wiping MFT free space of a drive partition or the entire drive helps to regain faster access responses from your hard drive. A time consuming process but worth it. Wiping 'free space only' is recommended when you are free from using the computer.

Caution: Backup data before wiping 'entire drive'.


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Memory upgrade for the ASRock DeskMini A300 AMD Ryzen Series

14. August 2019

Memory upgrade for the ASRock DeskMini A300 AMD Ryzen Series.

Small and Slim factor systems are up on the rise in the desktop PC market as more memory, storage, processing power is being squeezed into smaller components. Performance on such mini PC systems is challenged by power effciency. While Intel has been successfully running with Intel NUC and Mini-STX Kits. AMD's Ryzen capable ASRock Desk Mini A300 Series are in par with the Intel's performance, if not in equal. The ASRock Mini A300 Series is a barebones system and differ from the Intel NUC Kit. NUCs provide only the option of RAM and Storage upgrade, the ASRock Mini A300 provides the option of upgrading the processor and motherboard as well for a complete 'Do it yourself' experience.

The DeskMini A300 are offered in multiple customization choices. One major choice is to upgrade RAM memory to 32GB. Over-Clocking features are also available.
So if you are looking to save space in your SOHO environments without compromising on performance, ASRock DeskMini A300 is one of the right choices. Though Intel is a better choice with a bigger budget. The ASRock DeskMini is powerful with respect to gaming performance. AMD Radeon RX Vega 11 Graphics with the AMD Ryzen 5 2400G is a great choice that comes with A
SRock Desk Mini A300

MemoryStock offers RAM memory for these Desk Mini A300 Series at a cheap price.

Check this link for compatible memory upgrade listing:

Other alternatives for Small Form Factor PCs:

1) Intel NUC8i7HVK
2) Zotac MAGNUS ZBOX-EK71080
3) ASRock DeskMini 310

All of the alternatives are good choices. You can decide the best based on your workload. There are many more sites that offer high level performance review which wil be helpful to look at, and then go for the right one. For memory upgrades, visit our store, MemoryStock, one of the top factory direct memory resellers based in California, USA.

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DDR4 Memory for AMD X470 X370 B350 A320 Chipset Motherboards

5. August 2019

DDR4 Memory for AMD X470 X370 B350 A320 Chipset Motherboards:

With the advent of AMD's Ryzen, motherboards are available at twice the performance than it was before.

Ryzen offers improved capabilities in cores, threads, cache memory, PCIe and SATA features. For a basic chart representation, refer the image below:

MemoryStock offers DDR4 memory for all chipset variants of the AMD Ryzen, A320, B350, B450, X370, X470 motherboards.

Some of the top motherboards we recommend of the above chipsets are listed below:

For more information, click on their respective links and it will list you all the availabe memory upgrades. All memory are covered under lifetime free replacement warranty from MemoryStock.

RAM memory for the World's First Dual-Screen Gaming Laptop, the HP Omen X 2S

24. July 2019

RAM memory for the World's First Dual-Screen Gaming Laptop, the HP Omen X 2S

HP has refreshed the gaming laptop segment with yet another flagship, the OMEN X 2S. World’s first dual-screen gaming laptop.

It is a powerful, multi-tasking laptop that comes with two displays – a regular 15” Screen and a second 6” 1080p screen placed above the keyboard. The smaller display helps with multitasking especially between gameplays with a lot of standalone and mirroring features. It is also one of the thinnest, fastest, and lightest gaming laptops by HP.

Though this feature of a second screen was made available by ASUS in their ROG Zephyrus series as ‘ScreenPad’ replacing the touchpad, HP notched a step further with a dedicated 6-inch screen for a second display. The laptop comes with standard configuration of Intel 9th Gen and Nvidia 2080 delivering his graphic rich expreience.

The variants are avaliable now, starting at $1849.99.

MemoryStock offers RAM upgrade for the OMEN X 2S at nearly half the price.

16GB DDR4 2666MHz, Visit:

For all comopatible memory upgrades listing for the HP Omen X 2S. refer this direct link:

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How to choose the correct RAM memory upgrade for your system?

12. July 2019

How to choose the correct RAM memory upgrade for your system?

RAM, also known as Random Access Memory, and most times is simply referred as ‘memory’. Data in the RAM memory can be evoked without the need accessing the hard drive and hence the performance of your system depends much on it. This makes the ‘memory’ component of your system of paramount importance to be on the right amount.  Increasing memory helps in moving data back and forth, from the hard disk, thereby a faster cycle of information processed. It helps in lowering heat, faster transfer speeds, and better multi-tasking.

When to choose a RAM upgrade

It is best to always upgrade the memory to the maximum on desktops and especially on laptops. With the latest Windows 10 OS. The base memory required for only the OS is 4GB. We are misunderstood by the ‘minimum’ memory requirement for Windows 10 is 4GB, to be ‘adequate’, but this is true only for running the OS. And so, we are left with a couple of Megabytes of RAM with only 4GB of RAM.

The base line for any system is to have more than 4GB, a least of 8GB of RAM, for a beginner experience. And depending on the user applications you are working on, the memory requirement increases.

For a basic graph of how memory works in real-time, is to watch the memory resources using the inbuilt tool ‘resource monitor’.  The Resource Monitor can be accessed by several ways

  • Task Manager: Press the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys at the same time (Or right-click on taskbar) and select ‘Start Task Manager’ on the screen that appears. In the Task Manager, click on the ‘Performance’ tab, and then on the ‘Resource Monitor’ button
  • Using the Windows Search:  Just type resmon and the search result will show the ‘resource monitor’ which you can launch to start the real-time results.

A screenshot from one of our computers with just Firefox running a YouTube video in the background.

If the available memory is less than 30% of the total memory or if the ‘free memory’ is less than 20% on any given process, then it is time to upgrade memory. Though this may not be the case in all computers.

Where to find the best RAM upgrade

Understanding RAM limitations

RAM is limited by two main factors, hardware and software. A system’s motherboard and processor capability defines the maximum memory supported. While the operating system software can force a limit over the hardware maximum, limiting it to much less than the actual supported.

Different editions of OS have different memory limits. The base difference is 32 Bit (x86) vs 64 Bit (x64).

Understanding RAM Memory types

Major commonly used types – SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 as of 2019

Speeds – Beginning from 133MHz (SDRAM) to 3400MH (DDR4) and more.

Other technical terms such as latency, timings and voltages, differ with the memory type you choose from, based on the motherboard and processor support specifications. There is also a term similar to DDR, that begins with G, stands for Graphics (GDDR), and that is related Graphics Memory, similar technology but for better graphical experience.

Once you have the basic information, you are faced with a number of options to purchase from. There are several top memory resellers to choose from. We at MemoryStock (Since 1999), offer various brands ranging from a base standard House Brand to reputed brands such as Samsung, HP Certified, Dell Certified, Micron, Hynix and several other brands as well.

To make things much simpler, we have an inbuilt memory scanning tool, that can do all these research at a click, in a few seconds. Watch this short video, on how to find the right memory upgrade, using scanning tool:

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* SDRAM and certain DDR are covered under express limited warranty as their productions have ceased.

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