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Myth explained: Does RAM Memory increase performance?

15. January 2018

Myth explained: Does RAM Memory increase performance?

More RAM does not actually mean a faster machine but it allows more operations to be performed simultaneously. In short, more usage, more RAM is required, or the data flow is constricted, affecting the overall workload. So when you install softwares, games or run several applications at a time, RAM Memory upgrade has to be considered.
RAM upgrade makes a difference as Windows pre-allocates RAM, cache, optimizing for the system and then leaving the remaining to the user.

For eg: Windows 10 64 Bit minimum RAM requirement is 2GB. While the recommended is 4GB.

Many users decide by the OS requirements and disregard that RAM has to be considered by the other programs you will be working on. Installing more than the recommended offers future proofing wherein eventual software programs will be able to perform well.
There are several factors that are to be looked on before upgrading RAM such as maximum memory supported, memory type specifications, software limitations like 64 Bit or 32GB.

Some noticeable aspects after upgrade are, takes effect right from the start-up behavior to the high memory-consuming applications but not always necessarily, as processor's capabilities can come into limitation. Improved background app response, Better multi-tasking, and reduced lag.

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