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How to upgrade RAM Memory for HP AlphaServers

15. November 2018

How to upgrade RAM Memory for HP AlphaServers

Alphaservers are a line of servers produced under DEC, Compaq and HP that ended in 2008. However these were some of the best servers produced with the Alpha Processors to deliver faster and powerful processing, large memory capacity. And eventhough upgrades and spares have been discontinued, and AlphaServers sales have reach the end of the line, we at MemoryStock offer RAM memory upgrades for your Hewlett Packard AlphaServers at a low price, making it powerful than before.

Upgrading RAM memory on a AlphaServer is the simplest and cost-effective method to revive your AlphaServer's performance. It is easy to find the right memory upgrades at MemoryStock, as we have indexed the compatible memory based on the specifications specified by the manufacturer.

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For direct link to HP AlphaServer memory, click this link:

Most used AlphaServers:

The memory type supported by these HP AlphaServers are RDRAM. Often sold in pairs or kits. They are covered under limited life-time warranty from us. The memory installation is easy and you can refer the service manual for memory configuration, guidelines. For questions regarding any memory upgrade, MemoryStock Sales Engineer are available on free live chat support.

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