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ASUS All-in-one Touchscreen PC ET2410 RAM upgrades

22. January 2018

ASUS All-in-one Touchscreen PC ET2410 RAM upgrades

RAM uprade for the ASUS all-in-one PCs provides the necessary computing power required when increasing workload space. It usually comes with standard basic RAM configuration of 4GB to run basic tasks. If you want your ASUS All-in-one Touchscreen PC ET2410 to perform better with newer versions of applications, it is necessary to upgrade the RAM memory first and foremost to the recommended if not for the maximum supported configuration.

ASUS All-in-one Touchscreen PC ET2410 series supports up to 8GB RAM. It has two slots and each slot can hold up to 4GB.
There are several variants in the Asus All-in-One PCs. One example of the motherboard panel is as below shown.

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