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Replacing RAM memory for All-In-One PCs - MemoryStock

3. June 2016

Replacing RAM memory for All-In-One PCs - MemoryStock

Finding RAM memory for your All-In-One PCs is easy as finding memory for your desktops and laptops.

Unlike Desktop PCs, most All-In-One (AIO) PCs have the same type of memory as in laptops - SODIMM Memory. SODIMM Memory can be found as 200 pin, 204 pin, 260 pin type. And in some models, one or more RAM memory is soldered to the motherboard.

To find compatible memory upgrades for your AIO system, the model number is required. Popular brands of All-In-One systems are:





LG Chromebase

The model number can be located with the product number / serial number / SKU.

Alternatively, one can use MemoryStock's Memory Scanning tool to find out the model number of any Server, Desktop, laptop and even All-In-One PC. To know more about Memory Scanner, click here.

With the model information, you can verify the memory required and the maximum allowed. is daily being updated with several models. Log on to to upgrade RAM memory of your All-In-One PC.

If you are not sure of an upgrade, you can use the Premium Live Chat Support which is available freely for all at our site.


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