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Upgrading RAM Memory on Intel NUC Mini PCs

28. May 2020

Upgrading RAM Memory on Intel NUC Mini PCs

NUC (Short for Next Unit of Computing) is a line of Small Form Factor barebone computing kits designed by Intel. The first generation released in 2013, targeted to achieve a full-sized PC power in the smallest form possible. 

Although several NUC type PCs are now available by different manfucturers, Intel has engineed their NUC PCs with quality, performance, and long-term reliability that has always been consistenly known of them. These Mini PCs are made to run, just by plugging the monitor, keyboard and a mouse. They come with optional upgradable components, squeezed with the latest ports, technology, power, storage, and memory. They are the portable powerhouses, able to play some of the high-end graphic applications, the latest model as of Q2 2020, configured with Intel i9 Processor, M.2 Storage drives and optional 64GB of RAM is a feast for gaming and designinng enthusiasts, a tenth generation NUC. 

Stress tests have shown significant development in performance of single core and multi-thread processing, achieved through integrated and discrete graphics, HDD, and SSD configurations, as well as by using faster memory speeds.

Memory upgrade on the Intel NUCs are very simple and easy, as they have chosen the SODIMM type, used in laptops and All-in-One PCs. With the option to upgrade RAM memory, consumers can afford to purchase these expensive small machines and upgrade it later. MemoryStock offers 100% compatible memory upgrades for these Mini PCs, at cheap prices backed by a lifetime free replacement warranty. 

All you need is a model number, log on to our website, look up the model number, and the upgrades are listed. Just add to cart and the memory is ready to be shipped. The whole shopping experience is made simple to finish the whole purchase in a couple of minutes, covered under 30-day moneyback guarantee, amples an assured purchase.

Upgrading memory is the easiest way to amplify the performance of your Intel NUC Mini PCs and MemoryStock offers the best deals targeted for Customer Satisfaction. Why wait, seize the power of these mini workhouses by upgrading with our memory.

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