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Dell PowerEdge Server Memory upgrade from MemoryStock

26. April 2016

Dell PowerEdge Server Memory upgrade from MemoryStock

Dell Server line systems are known as Dell PowerEdge.

PowerEdge servers are based on x86 architecture. Some early servers used Itanium IA-64 unil 2005. From then on, Dell have used Intel and AMD Processors for their PowerEdge Servers.

Basic PowerEdge Naming:

T for Tower

R for Rack

M for Modular / Blade

Intel Servers end in 0

AMD Servers end in 5

Dell PowerEdge Servers are configured as Tower, Rack and Modular (Blade) Servers. And these Servers comes equipped with Standard Memory Configuration which most enterprises will feel is not enough on the long run, for multi-tasking applications. To achieve the full potential of PowerEdge Servers, you can upgrade the RAM memory based on the recommend requirement.

Upgrading RAM memory for your PowerEdge Servers will improve Data Management, Virtual Framework, Embedded workloads. An overview of the latest Dell PowerEdge Servers can be viewed here.

MemoryStock helps to ensure that the RAM you choose for your Dell Poweredge memory is 100% compatible and the best choice, as there are several specific Memory guidelines to adhere when it comes to PowerEdge Servers.

For better performance, RAM memory is recommended to be installed in indentical pairs. Server memory usually is identified as DIMM, UDIMM, RDIMM, LRDIMM, LP RDIMMand these are available at in all types DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and the latest DDR4 Server memory.

DIMM - Non-ECC Unbuffered Memory

UDIMM - Unbuffered ECC Memory

RDIMM - Registered ECC Memory

LRDIMM - Load Reduced Registered ECC Memory

LP RDIMM - Low Profile Registered ECC Memory.

12th Gen Dell PowerEdge Servers Support DDR3 type and 13th Gen Servers support DDR4 type.

For PowerEdge Server compatible Memory, consult our Live Chat Support for Dell Server RAM memory expertise or use our memory configurator from our website now, to upgrade your Dell PowerEdge Server Memory.

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