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96GB Memory Upgrade for the ThinkStation S20 4157

20. May 2021

96GB Memory Upgrade now possible on the ThinkStation S20 4157.

Lenovo's ThinkStation S20 is the successor of IBM's ThinkStation S10, a single processor workstation, one of a kind first launched in November 2007 in two model variants the D10 and the S10. Two years later, the ThinkStation S20 was released in 2009, with quad-core processor and several expansion options, then, a perfect system for midrange CAD Application softwares, tested and certified by ISVs.

Upgrading the memory, storage and processor with faster and higher capacities can unleash the full potential of your ThinkStation S20 to the ultimate performance. The standard memory of 2GB, supporting up to 48GB maximum gave options for users to upgrade further as users began to render high resolution images and graphics.  Now, with the latest BIOS update, the system can now support up to 96GB configuration on the ThinkStation S20 4157.

To upgrade the memory, unlock the system unit cover, and add the memory as shown in the above illustration. In some variants, memory fan cover needs to be removed, in order to access the memory slots. 

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