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128GB iMac RAM memory upgrades -

5. April 2019

128GB iMac RAM memory upgrades -

The ultra-thin All-in-One Macintosh Desktops by Apple are widely known as iMac since the power-pc based in 1998 and intel-based from 2006 onwards.

There have been seven major revisions since the infant iMac G3 was introduced. A workstation-class version was released in 2017 as the iMac Pro, distinguishable by the Space grey color vs the usual silver.

With the exceptions of some variants, the latest iMac 2019 Xeon processor models  support up to 128GB of RAM memory upgrade. A great feat for an all-in-one desktop. Research continues to push the RAM expansion further with build-to-order upgrades.

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All iMac's tech specifications (release dates, standard hardware configuration and support information can be found here

Refer this Apple KB for basic step-by-step instructions on how to install iMac memory:

Whether you are in for an upgrade, or replacing a defective memory, finding the right memory is made simple on our site. You can either select the model from the memory configurator product line or search by model name.

Note that in certan models it is possible to upgrade more memory than the actual maximum reported by the manufacturer.

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Finding and upgrading RAM memory for the Apple's Mac Pro

3. April 2019

Finding and upgrading RAM memory for the Apple's Mac Pro

Mac Pro series of workstations and servers by Apple provide one of the best performance oriented, powerful computers. It is widely known as the high-end versions of the Mac.

First introduced in 2006 with Xeon processing capability and continued to deliver with latest Xeon processors. Every new Mac Pro outruns the performance of the last model by twice.

For complete overview of Mac Pro, refer this Apple website

The latest release is the Late 2013 model with Xeon E5 processors. There is more one can achieve from these workstations and servers with a simple, cheap RAM upgrade. The latest 2013 model support up to 128GB of RAM memory upgrade!

A new redesigned Mac Pro is scheduled to be released this late this year as the 3rd Generation Mac Pro. Server variants of Mac Pro are also available as Mac Pro Servers that replaced the Xserve line of Apple Servers. The Mac Pro servers also support RAM upgrades.

Upgrading RAM memory is a great way to bring out the maximum potential of any workstation/server. It helps in faster transfer speeds, multi-tasking, and running high memory consuming applications flawlessly.

To find the right memory upgrades, two basic information is required. Model number, upgradable supports. The model number of any Apple workstation, server or laptops can be identified by the Apple Serial number located on the rear panel or the Apple Menu.

With the model number, RAM upgrade support information can be gathered from our website at the instance of a click. Just search the model number in the link below and the search results will display with relevant models.

Direct link for Mac Pro RAM upgrades can be found here:

Once you have this information, you will need to decide the upgrade requirement based on the existing memory configuration. The existing memory configuration on any Apple system can be found under the Apple Menu's advanced information panel, displaying the sizes and speeds of memory installed.

All pre-databased to you, for a few seconds of shopping time to get the right memory for your Mac Pro system. Sounds complicated? Not to worry. Our Mac Memory experts are live to answer any RAM memory related queries for free!

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