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Cisco UCS Server RAM memory upgrade guide [latest]

9. January 2018

Cisco UCS Server RAM memory upgrade guide 2018 [latest]

Servers usually come with standard memory as requested. As time passby, more workload mean more RAM consumption. Hence upgrading RAM memory is a cheapest option to make your Cisco UCS Servers perform at the maximum, handle huge multi-tasks, process data at faster speed in the virtual world.

Before you decide on upgrading RAM for these servers, visit the manufacturer's support and review the instructions on the manual guide. Organizing Memory, population guidelines are some of the basic rules to follow when installing memory on these Cisco servers. With these instructions, we can eliminate memory bottlenecks to a smooth overall operation.

Cisco Server RAM memory are usually ECC Unbuffered, Registered ECC, Load-reduced Registered ECC. These RAM are specially designed to detect and report errors and correct them wherever possible.

MemoryStock offers exact memory spec as qualified by Cisco, saving costs of up to 50% or more. Top manufacturers under Cisco certified memory are Samsung, Micron and Hynix.

When you see 'Certified memory' it usually is a third-party memory being sold as certified. For eg: Cisco certified memory is not a Cisco manufacturerd memory but a label/certified by Cisco for a Samsung or any other brand of their choice.

You can purchase the same from us at a lower price without compromising on the quality. We only sell brand new RAM so you can shop with confidence.

Shop now through our online portal for Cisco UCS Server RAM upgrade covered under 30-Day Moneyback guarantee and life-time replacement warranty.

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