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ASUS All-in-one Touchscreen PC ET2410 RAM upgrades

22. January 2018

ASUS All-in-one Touchscreen PC ET2410 RAM upgrades

RAM uprade for the ASUS all-in-one PCs provides the necessary computing power required when increasing workload space. It usually comes with standard basic RAM configuration of 4GB to run basic tasks. If you want your ASUS All-in-one Touchscreen PC ET2410 to perform better with newer versions of applications, it is necessary to upgrade the RAM memory first and foremost to the recommended if not for the maximum supported configuration.

ASUS All-in-one Touchscreen PC ET2410 series supports up to 8GB RAM. It has two slots and each slot can hold up to 4GB.
There are several variants in the Asus All-in-One PCs. One example of the motherboard panel is as below shown.

One of the important things to do before considering RAM upgrade, is to search for a reliable RAM Memory supplier. We at MemoryStock, offer RAM upgrades for your ASUS All-in-one Touchscreen PCs at the best online price, added with a life-time free replacement warranty and 30-day moneyback guarantee. So you can shop with confidence from us.

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Myth explained: Does RAM Memory increase performance?

15. January 2018

Myth explained: Does RAM Memory increase performance?

More RAM does not actually mean a faster machine but it allows more operations to be performed simultaneously. In short, more usage, more RAM is required, or the data flow is constricted, affecting the overall workload. So when you install softwares, games or run several applications at a time, RAM Memory upgrade has to be considered.
RAM upgrade makes a difference as Windows pre-allocates RAM, cache, optimizing for the system and then leaving the remaining to the user.

For eg: Windows 10 64 Bit minimum RAM requirement is 2GB. While the recommended is 4GB.

Many users decide by the OS requirements and disregard that RAM has to be considered by the other programs you will be working on. Installing more than the recommended offers future proofing wherein eventual software programs will be able to perform well.
There are several factors that are to be looked on before upgrading RAM such as maximum memory supported, memory type specifications, software limitations like 64 Bit or 32GB.

Some noticeable aspects after upgrade are, takes effect right from the start-up behavior to the high memory-consuming applications but not always necessarily, as processor's capabilities can come into limitation. Improved background app response, Better multi-tasking, and reduced lag.

Choosing a reliable source for RAM upgrade:

MemoryStock is one of the top global RAM memory supplier located in Stockton, California. Providing the best deals on RAM memory upgrades for Printers, Laptops, Desktops and Server workstations.
With over a million sales, we have established a constant Customer-Satisfaction oriented service since 1999. Upgrades are backed by 30-day MoneyBack Guarantee and life-time free replacement warranty, as well as free technical support.

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Cisco UCS Server RAM memory upgrade guide [latest]

9. January 2018

Cisco UCS Server RAM memory upgrade guide 2018 [latest]

Servers usually come with standard memory as requested. As time passby, more workload mean more RAM consumption. Hence upgrading RAM memory is a cheapest option to make your Cisco UCS Servers perform at the maximum, handle huge multi-tasks, process data at faster speed in the virtual world.

Before you decide on upgrading RAM for these servers, visit the manufacturer's support and review the instructions on the manual guide. Organizing Memory, population guidelines are some of the basic rules to follow when installing memory on these Cisco servers. With these instructions, we can eliminate memory bottlenecks to a smooth overall operation.

Cisco Server RAM memory are usually ECC Unbuffered, Registered ECC, Load-reduced Registered ECC. These RAM are specially designed to detect and report errors and correct them wherever possible.

MemoryStock offers exact memory spec as qualified by Cisco, saving costs of up to 50% or more. Top manufacturers under Cisco certified memory are Samsung, Micron and Hynix.

When you see 'Certified memory' it usually is a third-party memory being sold as certified. For eg: Cisco certified memory is not a Cisco manufacturerd memory but a label/certified by Cisco for a Samsung or any other brand of their choice.

You can purchase the same from us at a lower price without compromising on the quality. We only sell brand new RAM so you can shop with confidence.

Shop now through our online portal for Cisco UCS Server RAM upgrade covered under 30-Day Moneyback guarantee and life-time replacement warranty.

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Best computer RAM memory - Top RAM memory deals 2018

5. January 2018

Best computer RAM memory - Top RAM memory deals 2018

A quick study on purchasing RAM memory.

When upgrading or replacing RAM for a Computer or Laptop or a Server, there are many factors in play such as the memory type, speed, capacity. MemoryStock has been dealing with RAM upgrades for Servers, Desktops, Laptops and printers since 1999 providing the best RAM memory upgrade that is suitable for graphics and video editing to gaming applications.

List of things to sort before a purchasing RAM memory:

1) Identify the machine. Is it a Desktop or a laptop or a server?
Most desktops support DIMM Memory with the exceptions of All-in-one PCs that support SODIMM
Laptops support SODIMM Memory and Servers supports DIMM memory.

2) Identify model number of the computing machine:

Identifying the exact model number helps in cross-checking manufacturer's Memory recommendation.

3) Existing memory size and speed:
Memory comes in various sizes and speeds. When you are adding along with existing memory, it is better to install same memory speed eventhough two different speeds can work together.
MemoryStock offers a free simple memory scanning tool that can help you find our this information in a matter of seconds. Click here for our Memory scanning tool.

4) Determining how much RAM you need:
While a certain Operating System software may recommend a RAM requirement of 4GB, it should be noted that this RAM requirement is for the OS and not for the user's requirement which will increase depending on the gaming/software the user works on.
Should you need a memory expert's advise on a RAM upgrade, we can be reached via live chat support through our site

5) Choosing a site to purchase from:

While there are a plethora of online sites offering RAM memory solutions, we at MemoryStock, offer the best solutions for RAM memory upgrade, providing free technical assistance, a 30-day moneyback guarantee and life-time replacement warranty. We have great reviews from our Customers who make us stand unique any day. Click here for our facebook page.

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