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DDR3 vs DDR3L - Dual Voltage RAM Memory

5. July 2017

DDR3 vs DDR3L - Dual Voltage RAM Memory.

From Intel 4th Generation processor machine onwards require a new type of memory that is of Low voltage operating at 1.35. These are Dual Voltage Memory that can operate at either of the voltages 1.35v or 1.5v

DDR3L Memory Compatibility is better even with system that supports DDR3. DDR3 memory will not work in DDR3L supporting system and it will not complete the BIOS or POST test.


Points to note when purchasing DDR3L Memory.

DDR3L memory will work on DDR3 and DDR3L slots.

DDR3L memory can operate at 1.35v or 1.5v depending on the requirement of the system.

DDR3 memory will work only in DDR3 Slots.

DDR3L will work alongwith already installed DDR3 memory, but they will operate at 1.5v

With DDR3L, your system shall consume less power, thereby saving battery and reducing heat to some extent.

Here at MemoryStock, DDR3L memory can be identified as 1.35v memory or PC3L or DDR3L.'

Image comparison between DDR3 and DDR3L Memory:












                               Regular DDR3 is identified as PC3.                                                                         Dual Voltage is identified as PC3L





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