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Why to upgrade Server RAM Memory?

30. November 2017

Why to upgrade Server RAM Memory?

Upgrading your Server's memory increases productivity without costing an arm and a leg. It is the easiest way to improve performance of your servers.

Since Servers are practically deployed always, often the Server's tasks are expanded besides the initial role. To combat this virtual workload, RAM upgrade is the most-cost effective upgrade you can do for the Servers to provide faster responses, improved speed of applications, better virtualizating performance, preventing downtime.

Unlike other RAM upgrades, Server RAM upgrades require planning since it has the major impact on performance.

Why MemoryStock for a RAM upgrade?

We at MemoryStock are one of the top RAM memory sellers, shipping worldwide, having more than 15 years of Server RAM Memory expertise, tending to the demand of Server RAM upgrades since 1999.

Each Server RAM memory goes through mutlitple equation testings, verification for compatibility to deliver a reliable RAM upgrade.

Server RAM Memory purchased from us are covered under 30-day MoneyBack assurace and a lifetime of replacement warranty.

Pre and Post-sale techincal support are available freely, for any knowledge or expertise required in choosing the RAM to an unlikely event of a RAM population conflict.

With a million satisfied Customers, MemoryStock is a source for all Server RAM upgrades.

Performance auditing for the best option:

A quick audit on your servers will provide you ample information to a successful RAM upgrade

  • Research or contact our Technical Support on the memory specification supported by your Servers.
  • Backup data, and verify Operating Software architecture if 32 Bit or 64 Bit.
  • Choosing from mid-range to a high performing quality brand is what we recommend for Servers, even though inexpensive RAM are available.

Some terms associated with Server RAM upgrades:

  • ECC Unbuffered- Error-correction code memory
  • Reg ECC - Registered Error-correction code memory
  • LRDIMM - Load-reduced Registered Error-correction code memory

Single Rank, Dual Rank, Quad Rank - Ranks are sets of DRAM chips linked to same chip select. They are identified as 1R, 2R,and 4R. Ranks play a major role in Servers when upgrading RAM to maximum configuration supported by the Server.

For more technical information, support resources on Server RAM upgrades, contact our Live Chat Support by clicking here

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