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How to upgrade RAM memory on Apple eMac system

27. February 2019

How to upgrade RAM memory on Apple eMac system

Apple eMac also known as education Mac is an AIO Desktop by Apple. This macintosh based desktop was releasd in the 2000s aiming at educational institutions. These macintosh All-in-One desktops are great for their time. You can push the eMacs performance to the maximum by upgrading the Memory.

eMacs RAM memory can be upgraded by accessing the service port or access panel. The memory supported by the eMacs are PC-133 SDRAM DIMM. eMac variants can support up to 2GB.

For eMac RAM Memory replacement instructions

MemoryStock offers the best quality memory that has been tested through various equations to deliver 100% compatible Memory for your eMac.

Finding the right memory is easy for the eMac. There is only two variants and both variants support the same memory type.

To know the existing memory configuration, open the Apple Menu settings.

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These sticks come with limited warranty as they are no more produced. These are refurbished, yet it is guaranteed to work with your eMac.

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