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CCleaner - One tool to speed up your system for free.

19. August 2019
CCleaner - One tool to speed up your system for free.

Speed up your Computer with these three methods:

1) Clear temporary/Junk files

Erasing potentially unwanted files off your system helps in better browsing sessions

2) Disable unwanted applications from startup execution

Removing programs that are set to run when the computer starts, helps in a faster boot.

3) Drive Wiper

Wiping MFT free space of a drive partition or the entire drive helps to regain faster access responses from your hard drive. A time consuming process but worth it. Wiping 'free space only' is recommended when you are free from using the computer.

Caution: Backup data before wiping 'entire drive'.


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Memory upgrade for the ASRock DeskMini A300 AMD Ryzen Series

14. August 2019

Memory upgrade for the ASRock DeskMini A300 AMD Ryzen Series.

Small and Slim factor systems are up on the rise in the desktop PC market as more memory, storage, processing power is being squeezed into smaller components. Performance on such mini PC systems is challenged by power effciency. While Intel has been successfully running with Intel NUC and Mini-STX Kits. AMD's Ryzen capable ASRock Desk Mini A300 Series are in par with the Intel's performance, if not in equal. The ASRock Mini A300 Series is a barebones system and differ from the Intel NUC Kit. NUCs provide only the option of RAM and Storage upgrade, the ASRock Mini A300 provides the option of upgrading the processor and motherboard as well for a complete 'Do it yourself' experience.

The DeskMini A300 are offered in multiple customization choices. One major choice is to upgrade RAM memory to 32GB. Over-Clocking features are also available.
So if you are looking to save space in your SOHO environments without compromising on performance, ASRock DeskMini A300 is one of the right choices. Though Intel is a better choice with a bigger budget. The ASRock DeskMini is powerful with respect to gaming performance. AMD Radeon RX Vega 11 Graphics with the AMD Ryzen 5 2400G is a great choice that comes with A
SRock Desk Mini A300

MemoryStock offers RAM memory for these Desk Mini A300 Series at a cheap price.

Check this link for compatible memory upgrade listing:

Other alternatives for Small Form Factor PCs:

1) Intel NUC8i7HVK
2) Zotac MAGNUS ZBOX-EK71080
3) ASRock DeskMini 310

All of the alternatives are good choices. You can decide the best based on your workload. There are many more sites that offer high level performance review which wil be helpful to look at, and then go for the right one. For memory upgrades, visit our store, MemoryStock, one of the top factory direct memory resellers based in California, USA.

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DDR4 Memory for AMD X470 X370 B350 A320 Chipset Motherboards

5. August 2019

DDR4 Memory for AMD X470 X370 B350 A320 Chipset Motherboards:

With the advent of AMD's Ryzen, motherboards are available at twice the performance than it was before.

Ryzen offers improved capabilities in cores, threads, cache memory, PCIe and SATA features. For a basic chart representation, refer the image below:

MemoryStock offers DDR4 memory for all chipset variants of the AMD Ryzen, A320, B350, B450, X370, X470 motherboards.

Some of the top motherboards we recommend of the above chipsets are listed below:

For more information, click on their respective links and it will list you all the availabe memory upgrades. All memory are covered under lifetime free replacement warranty from MemoryStock.