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Upgrading DDR4 vs DDR5? Is it necessary?

18. April 2024

Memory is the component of a PC that stores data temporarily within itself for the processor to access the immediate information in priority, a convenient quick distributing piece of hardware operating between the processor and the storage

It is therefore truly an important upgrade to allow your system to perform smoothly and powerfully.

DDR4 is the current moving standard for memory, the fourth generation of the DDR memory. Modern PCs come with DDR4 mainly, with some exceptions of the newer iteration, the DDR5, with whopping speeds starting from 4800MHz, delivering quicker and faster results for the creative enthusiasts, gamers and server profiles. With the upcoming Intel's 13th Gen and AMD's Ryzen 7 series processors, DDR5 is gaining the attention quickly as the next stage performance-driving component.

Should you upgrade to DDR5? Absoulutely! If your system is one of the latest processors by Intel or AMD, then you can upgrade the DDR5 memory from MemoryStock to the maximum. We are a trusted reseller since the 90s delivering worldwide Customers. But if you have a DDR4 memory system, then DDR5 memory will not fit in to it. These are two different generation memory components, differing by capacity support, technology and speeds. A DDR4 motherboard and processor is not equipped to work with a DDR5 Memory. So before you decide to upgrade, it is important even more to identify your existing hardware specification. 

Perhaps, in the future, motherboards with both DDR4 and DDR5 as combo support may be released, with sales picking up for a natural price drop. Until then, DDR4 could be your choice to upgrade if the existing memory is DDR4.

MemoryStock offers both DDR4 and DDR5 memory upgrade solutions for the convenience of consumers. That said, at some point as technology develops further and the demands for faster performance rise, one has to discard the older system for the faster DDR5 with the latest Intel or AMD processors.

Need assitance for a system's memory upgrade? reach us out for live chat support at MemoryStock.

The potential for your system can double up to 50% by upgrading just the memory to the maximum. Shop now for the best priced RAM memory on the internet, the source for all memory upgrades.