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Memory Upgrade for Dell XPS 8940

4. August 2022

Memory Upgrade for Dell XPS 8940

A do-it all powerful and minimalist Desktop from Dell is the XPS 8940.

This attractively small Desktop is a premium machince fully loaded with the necessary hardware for the performance you need, even with the standard variant. Although the system can be customized for higher options and upgrades at the time of purchase, the standard variant does the job for any average user to a Studio enthusiast. For the work-from-home user, even more the best.

MemoryStock offers RAM memory upgrade options for the Dell XPS 8940 system at a low-cost-effective price. The XPS 8940 supports maximum RAM of 128GB using four 32GB sticks.

Memory Specification:

DDR4 PC4-25600 3200MHz Non-ECC DIMM

Available at this link

To upgrade, the user can just turn of the system, remove the panel, and install the memory as illustrated below.

Hundreds of dollars can be saved with the right memory specification. 

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