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RAM Memory upgrade for the HP Pavilion Wave 600-a000 series

24. September 2022

RAM Memory upgrade for the HP Pavilion Wave 600-a000 series

HP Pavilion Wave is a simple, innovative, minimalistic design system, integrated with the Bang & Olfusen Speakers for the best home theater experience, a powerful high-end audio system capable of producing music.

It has the best appearance, blending into homes as a bluetooth speaker but also as a desktop PC. An attractive part of the design withstoods as a levitating top disc.  

This Pavilion Wave Desktop can handle very basic gaming as weil as light photo and video compositing due to the absence of a dedicated graphics card. Although the chassis does not support a plug and play upgrade, with some patience and carefully dismantling the RAM memory can be upgraded further.

Supports maximum RAM of 16GB of RAM using two 8GB sticks. MemoryStock offers the best RAM memory upgrade at the lowest price ever!!!

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HP has even made it easier for users who wish to upgrade the hardware components. Check this YouTube video for the dissassembly instructions:

Uncover the potential of your HP Pavilion Wave system with just a small cost effective upgrade from us

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