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Dell Precision 17 7760 Mobile Workstation memory upgrade.

21. October 2021

Dell Precision 17 7760 Mobile Workstation memory upgrade.

Meet the latest Dell Precision 7000 series workstation packed with a stunnig display backed by nVidia graphic and Intel processors. Exceptionally powerhoused, this laptop supports the PCIe 4.0, the added advantage for faster double bandwidths and onboard optional of Snapdragon X55 5G modem.

From refresh cycles, processing capabilities, Dell has delivered higher performance once again. The 17 7760  is the first Dell Precision laptop to offer 120Hz refresh rate. 

These laptop series come with the faster 3200MHz and ECC Unbuffered memory support, over-clocking options of higher speeds upto a whopping 128GB. Processor support 11th Gen Intel Core and Xeons, 16GB nVidia RTX GPUs. An incremental update since the last model, making it one of the most powerful mobile workstations in 4K.

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Refer the visual illustration for the memory replacing procedure.

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