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How to find memory for Dell Laptop - Dell Inspiron 15R (N5010)

18. April 2016


Finding the right memory for your Dell Laptop can sometimes be difficult.

Any novice user, can refer the below instructions and find the right memory, install it to their laptops.

1. Visit

2. Enter Model number in search.

    Eg: Inspiron 15R

3. Search results will show relevant models.

4. Select your model from the search result.

5. All information - regarding maximum memory capacity, slots, memory speeds, type supported are displayed.


6. Choose the memory you want to purchase and complete online purchase procedure.

If you have questions or need assistance, you can initiate a live chat support anytime.

To find out existing memory configuration, refer this article by us.


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Computer Memory Upgrade

26. April 2013

Memory is a vital component of a computer, laptop or server. Computer memory have evolved to much faster speeds with less power requirements.  Providing high-quality computer memory upgrade solution have been our business since 1999. We have provided memory upgrades for millions of computers, laptops and high-end servers.

Today we are pleased to present our latest brands of DDR3 Memory Upgrades ranging from speeds of DDR3 1066MHz, DDR3 1333MHz to DDR3 2000MHz.  You can find the list of the latest DDR3 memory at this link

One of the main concerns while looking for a memory upgrade is the compatibility. Making sure that the memory fits the computer is important, this is why we have made it very easy to select any memory upgrade for computers, laptops or server via our Computer Memory Upgrade Configurator, the memory selector found here is updated daily with the latest computer models with exact memory specifications.

Now selecting memory is as easy as 123. Use the memory upgrade selector to find exact RAM for your system. Top computer memory upgrades we have sold are the Dell Computer Memory, Dell Server Memory, Dell Laptop Memory, HP Compaq Laptop Memory, IBM Thinkpad Memory, Acer Memory, Samsung Laptop Memory.


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