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How to find Acer Aspire Timeline Ultrabook RAM memory upgrades

18. February 2019

How to find Acer Aspire Timeline Ultrabook RAM memory upgrades:

The Acer Aspire Timeline are a series of Acer notebooks designed to achieve longer battery life of above 8 hours. These are ultrathin designed and uses the Ultra low voltage processors mainly.

One notable feature of the nine cel battery models in the Aspire Timeline series of laptops is the battery life that last up to 12 hours. Now, this is a great feat for laptops that are mostly known to discharge within 2 hours. These laptops were awarded by the international press for their ultra low power consuming feature.

The best RAM Memory upgrade for the Acer Aspire Timeline series is to choose low-voltage memory. Especially, when it comes to 3rd Gen DDR3, better to choose the DDR3L memory type.

DDR3 can only operate at the standard voltage of 1.5v
DDR3L can operate at 1.5v or 1.35v
DDR2 however comes in 1.8v only

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