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Difference between DDR3 Memory and DDR3L Memory.

14. June 2016

Difference between DDR3 Memory and DDR3L Memory.

DDR3 Memory is a Single voltage memory operating at 1.5 volts only.

DDR3L Memory is a Dual Voltage memory that can operate at 1.5 or at 1.35 volts.





















The L stands for Low-Voltage. It consumes lesser voltage compared to DDR3, and hence reduces heat, faster operations, longer life-spans.

4th Gen Intel Processors support DDR3L Memory. So, newer laptops that uses this generation of processors will not work with regular 'DDR3' Memory.

Since DDR3L Memory has Dual Voltage, DDR3L Memory is backward compatible with DDR3 supporting systems. Both DDR3 and DDR3L have same physical dimensions that allow the memory to fit in the slot. So, you can install DDR3L Memory in a system that comes with the regular DDR3.

Low-Voltage memory can be Desktop Memory (DIMM) or Laptop (SODIMM) memory.

Sometimes, DDR3L is also identified as 'PC3L'.

To find out, if your system supports the newer DDR3L Memory, log on to and find out with your system model name and number. If your system is not listed or if you  need assistance, you can contact our live chat support at this link.

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