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Dell PowerEdge M Series server RAM memory upgrades.

29. October 2019

Dell PowerEdge M Series server RAM memory upgrades.

PowerEdge M Series Server are blade servers of the modular design by Dell. There are two model variants mainly, Intel-powered Servers and AMD-Powered Servers, available with several configuration arrays. These were once named as the Best Blade Server system of the year.

The Dell PowerEdge M Series are focused to attain enery efficient, flexible I/O options, ideally designed for medium and large workload environments, helping to produce a high-performance Server without having phsyical space issues.

Major differences in these M Series Server are the simple manageability, increased flexibility, energy efficiency, providing a simple, cost-effective solution for data centers.

One such model is the PowerEdge M1000e, a breakthrough in enterprise servers during its release. Other M Series Models are the PowerEdge M610 and M710 available with Intel Xeons. These three are the best-in-class modular servers by Dell. AMD Opteron powered M605, M805, and M905 are also top class in the AMD segment.

To improve the performance of these great Dell PowerEdge Module Servers to their maximum, is to increase the RAM Memory. This is the easiest upgrade you can do, over the standard memory configuration that the Servers come with, making the Server more easy to use and manage. Dell PowerEdge Modular Server Memory upgrades are available at at a simple, low-cost way.

Hop on to for the best memory upgrade deals for your M series Servers.

All of the Modular Servers are listed below with direct links for memory upgrades:

Dell PowerEdge M1000e Modular Blade
Dell PowerEdge M420
Dell PowerEdge M520
Dell PowerEdge M600 Blade
Dell PowerEdge M605 Blade Server
Dell PowerEdge M610 blade server
Dell PowerEdge M610x Blade Server
Dell PowerEdge M620
Dell PowerEdge M630
Dell PowerEdge M640 Blade Server
Dell PowerEdge M710 Blade
Dell PowerEdge M710HD Blade Server
Dell PowerEdge M805 Blade Server (DDR2-667MHz)
Dell PowerEdge M805 Blade Server (DDR2-800MHz)
Dell PowerEdge M820
Dell PowerEdge M830
Dell PowerEdge M905 Blade Server (DDR2-667MHz)
Dell PowerEdge M905 Blade Server (DDR2-800MHz)
Dell PowerEdge M910 (DDR3-1066MHz)
Dell PowerEdge M910 (DDR3-1333MHz)
Dell PowerEdge M915
Dell PowerEdge MX740c Compute Sled Server
Dell PowerEdge MX840c

All Memory sold at MemoryStock are certified for 100% compatibility, and are covered under lifetime free replacement warranty. Why wait now? Order the best memory upgrades now, and receive the benefits of a real Dell PowerEdge M Series Server experience.

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Dell OptiPlex compatible RAM memory upgrades

3. June 2019

Dell OptiPlex compatible RAM memory upgrades

Dell OptiPlex is a series of Desktop computers from Dell targeted to deliver performance innovated systems from mid-range to the latest 8th Gen High performance processors. OptiPlex has successfully changed in the last 25 years bringing one of the best computers available since its release.

To unleash the full potential of your Dell OptiPlex computers, it is highly recommend to upgrade the RAM memory. Memory upgrade is the easiest and cost-effective upgrade that helps to dramaticaly improve performance with the computer that you already own, adapting it to latest software applications.

The latest ultra sleek premium AIO desktop in the OptiPlex series is the OptiPlex 24 7440.

MemoryStock offers Dell Certified memory upgrades for all types of OptiPlex models ranging from OptiPlex 160 to the latest OptiPlex 24 7440. Established 1999, we take pride in deliver customer satisfaction upgrades for all Dell Desktops, Dell Server, Dell Laptops.

For Dell OptiPlex compatible certified RAM upgrades, click here:

Our website is a 'easy n simple' interface that is self-explanatory even for a novice user. There are two ways to browse through our database.

1) Use search option if you know the model number of your system. Or,
2) You can also use the memory configurator dropdown list.

For unknown model information, our Live chat support is available round the clock with memory experts ready to assist you with a pre-sale to post-sale related queries.

All memory for Dell OptiPlex is covered under life-time free replacement warranty from us plus a 30-day moneyback guarantee. So you can be full assured of a 100% satisfactory shopping experience.

Shop now at

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RAM Memory upgrade guide for Acer Extensa laptops

16. January 2019

RAM Memory upgrade guide for Acer Extensa laptops

From low-priced netbooks to high priced performinh laptops, the Acer Extensa are a series of laptops designed with a mind for functionality and mobile computing targeted at office and business users.

To forge a better and faster laptop, the best way is to upgrade the RAM memory. Upgrading RAM memory helps in multi-tasking, faster transfers, larger renderings and so forth. It is also the cheapest way of upgrade compared to processor and hard drive upgrades.

Before you decide to upgrade memory for your Acer Extensa laptop, a basic checklist is to be followed.

1) Model number - Model number of your laptops identify the hardware specification of your laptop
2) Memory specification - Lets you know the exact memory type and speed supported by your laptop, and lastly
3) Software requirement - 32 Bit OS has a limitation of 4GB.

Once you have this information, you can then decide how much more memory is necessary based on the workload. One simple way to have this information in a matter of a few seconds, is to use the Memory scanning tool from MemoryStock. It identfies all necessary information required in one table of window, displayed for the ease of the user who wants to upgrade RAM.

You can visit the below links for Acer compatible RAM upgrades, picked and updated to be on par of the manuafacturer's specifcations.

For Acer Extensa RAM memory upgrades:

For all Acer memory upgrades, go to this link:

MemoryStock, one of the top memory resellers from California, plays an important role of reducing the checklist into 2 minute research. Memory experts with a high record of Customer satisfaction are in standby waiting to answer any questions regarding Memory upgrades. To ante the purchasing experience, we cover the memory purchased under 30-day moneyback guarantee and life-time free replacement warranty.

Choose MemoryStock, your source for all RAM memory upgrades!

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HPE Server memory upgrades for HP Apollo Servers

21. November 2018

HPE Server memory upgrades for HP Apollo Servers from MemoryStock:

HPE Apollo servers are high efficient servers designed to deliver rack-scale solutions for big data computing and analytics.


To reap the benefits of this accelerated computing and expand their use, upgrading RAM memory and storage is highly recommended. With faster memory and high transferring storage data, your workload can be easily accomplished in lesser amounts of time than it took before.

MemoryStock offers the best deals on HPE Apollo Server RAM memory upgrades at low price, 100% compatibility, and free delivery. You should consider upgrading RAM when the workstation runs out of memory or faces critical delays in processing simple tasks. Upgradng RAM helps in multi-tasking, large file uploads and downloads, blocks processing and much more, as with servers there is always an expanding RAM requirement.

Click here for HPE Certified RAM memory upgrades for the HP Apollo Servers

Apollo 4200 Gen9 Server

Apollo 9000 800 Series 827S

Identifying the right memory for your RAM is easy on our site. We have two ways to search:
1) Using memory configurator
2) search using the model number

And if you still do no have the model number, you can use our memory scanning tool or contact live chat support and a sales engineer shall help you with the process.

HPE Apollo memory offered on MemoryStock is covered under 30-day moneyback guarantee and life-time free replacement warranty so you can purchase with confidence from us.

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