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Apple Mac Pro 8 Core and Quad Core RAM upgrade

22. December 2017

RAM memory upgrade spec for the Apple Mac Pro 8 Core and Quad Core

Mac Pro is series of Workstations and Servers manufactured by Apple. It is the most powerful machines engineered by Apple keeping in mind of every hardware element - graphics, storage, expansion, processing power and memory.

So far, two generations of MacPro have been released. Memory specs vary from DDR2 ECC Fully Buffered DIMMs to DDR3 ECC Unbuffered DIMMs. 

Fully buffered DIMMs are a special type of memory with advanced memory buffer to reduce errors. ECC Unbuffered memory have error correction code chips to detect errors. Both play a vital role in Data integrity.

Model variants by year:

MacPro Mid 2006 (DDR2 667MHz FBDIMM),

MacPro Early 2008 (DDR2 800MHz FBDIMM) ,

MacPro Early 2009 (DDR3 1333MHz ECC Unbuffered),

MacPro Mid 2010 (DDR3 1333MHz ECC Unbuffered),

MacPro Mid 2012 (DDR3 1333MHz ECC Unbuffered),

MacPro Late 2013 (DDR3 1866MHz ECC Unbuffered/Registered ECC)

Upgrading RAM for these workstations enable them to perform with the performance for which they were built for. RAM essentially helps in the multitasking of applications. While there have been limitations to RAM upgrade, unofficial sources have successfully upgraded RAM on these workstations twice than the actual specified. But is costs an arm and a leg. MemoryStock offers the FBDIMM and ECC Unbuffered Memory at low costs with a life-time replacement warranty so you can upgrade your Mac Pro for the jaw-breaking performance you always wanted. We recommend to upgrading RAM after purchase as RAM upgrade are often more affordable as an optional future upgrade.

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Before you decide to upgrade, it is recommended to identify your Mac Pro variant and the instructions on how to remove/replace RAM on a Mac Pro. The easiest upgrade on these workstations are the RAM memory. 

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