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How to upgrade HP Beats Special Edition laptops and desktops RAM memory

28. November 2018

How to upgrade HP Beats Special Edition laptops and desktops RAM memory

HP Beats Special Edition series are a series of sleek laptops and desktops produced by HP to provide rich audio experience with BeatsAudio.

These laptops are built with subwoofers producing dynamic booming sound experience of BeatsAudio technology. For increasing the performance of these HP Beats Special Edition laptops and All-in-One desktops, upgrade RAM Memory and SSD is recommended. Of these two, RAM memory is the cheapest upgrade compared to SSD upgrade.

What does RAM upgrade do?

RAM memory is a temporary storage memory used to move or process data to and fro, from the storage memory(Hard disk drive). More RAM memory helps with multiple application usage or high-memory consuming applications. It also helps with saving a high-usage session or shortening transfer times.

Pre-requisites for RAM upgrading:

1) 64 Bit Operating System software.
2) Hardware support for RAM upgrade.

Most laptops and desktops come with 64 Bit OS. But if your system has a 32 Bit (x86) OS, then the system is limited to 4GB even if the hardware supports more.

To find out if your HP Beats Special Edition laptop supports RAM upgrade, identifying the specifications by model is the easiest way. MemoryStock has a track record of successful RAM memory upgrades for Servers, Desktops, Laptops and Printers simplifying model identification for an easy process.

Check this link for HP Beats Special Edition laptop RAM uprades:

The other option is to use the memory scanning tool to identify model name, number and memory configurations. A simple tool by MemoryStock:

RAM Memory sold by MemoryStock is covered under 30-day MoneyBack Guarantee and free life-time replacement warranty. For any Memory related queries, post or pre-sales can be consulted by MemoryStock RAM experts on the live.

Choose MemoryStock, for your HP Beats Special Edition All-in-One Desktops and laptops.

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