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Upgrading memory on HP Compaq Desktop and laptops.

4. December 2018

Upgrading memory on HP Compaq Desktop and laptops.

Are you looking for RAM upgrades for your HP Compaq Desktop or for your HP Compaq laptop?

Look no further, as we have the right memory upgrade options simplified for you. This article will help you with a overview on upgrading RAM memory for all desktops and laptops, and especially the HP Compaq series desktops and laptops.

Before you begin to purchase a RAM upgrade, a basic assessment as to what RAM really does, will help you decide if the upgrade is worth it.

RAM Memory is a temporary storage memory but unlike the hard disk drive which is a storage memory where you can save data. RAM is used as a temporary storage space to move your permanent (saved data) from your hard disk drive, back and forth. So less RAM, is less moveability. Less RAM is limited to one or two processess. Running more processes will eventually make the entire tasks to perform slow. As your data transfers increase, you will definitely run out of memory. For instance, when you have a large size photo editing or huge files to be transferred, depending on the RAM memory's efficiency, the transfers or data processing is defined.

So upgrading RAM helps you to run multi-tasks, faster transfers. And with more RAM memory, your operating system software's internal processes such as indexing, pre-fetching are handled much faster than before, resulting in high performance system.

Now, as you have understood what RAM does, you will need to check if your HP Compaq Desktop or HP Compaq laptop supports RAM upgrade.

RAM memory is limited in two ways:

1) Software - Software architecture of the OS, 32 Bit vs 64 Bit has memory limitations.
32 Bit (x86) has limitations of up to 4GB.
64 Bit (x64) has limitations of up to 4TB.

For Eg: If your system supported 8GB of RAM and you installed it in 32 Bit OS, then the system will ignore 4GB, enforcing the limit by software due to 32 Bit OS architecture.

2) Hardware - Processor and motherboard has memory limitations.
Motherboard's memory addressing capability takes final over processor's memory controlly capacity.

For eg: If your Processor supports 16GB, but the motherboard can on

ly address 8GB, then the system is not compatible with 16GB of RAM as the motherboard's memory addressing capacity takes final.

If these terms are too technical, do not fret, we at MemoryStock have simplified the whole process of finding memory by verifying thousands of thousands of desktops, servers, laptops with the respective manufacturers, so you can just enter your model number in the search bar of our website, or use our memory configurator.

Click here for direct links of our HP Compaq listing:

In case, you do not have a model number, you can use our memory scanning tool that will help you to identify the model number. The model number can also be found under your laptops, or side or back panel of your desktops. To make things even easier, we have live chat support so your pre or post-sales queries can be addressed.

All purchased off our website ssss is covered under 30day moneyback guaranteed and a life-time replacement warranty from us.

Why wait now, order a RAM upgrade and perform better than before.

Choose MemoryStock, your source for all memory upgrades!


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