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RAM Memory Latency vs Throughput - A real deal.

20. April 2016

Latency - The time required to perform an action or to produce a result.

It is measured in units of time - Hours, minutes, seconds, nanoseconds and clocks.

Throughput - The number of actions performed or results produced in a unit of time.

It is referred as Bandwidth in RAM memory. The actions / results per unit of time.

Example: Boeing manufacturing 777 Airbus.

Boeing Factory manufactures an Aircraft in 83 days. The Factory manufactures 730 Aircrafts in 365 days.

Latency is 83 days. Throughput is 2 aircrafts / day or 60 aircrafts / month

Latency and throughput in RAM

Eg: DDR3 PC3-12800 CL 7

12800 MB/Sec - Maximum theoretical transfer rate. CAS Latency 7 tells us it will take 7 clock cycles delay to return a requested data.

There are other common latencies 6,8,9,11

The lesser the latency, the faster the RAM performs.

So, the next time you are searching for a faster RAM, you might want to check for a less latency compatible RAM.

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