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How to get the correct SDRAM and DDR Memory upgrade for your Apple iBook

22. February 2019

How to get the correct SDRAM and DDR Memory upgrade for your Apple iBooks

Apple iBook are a line of laptops that were produced by Apple between 1999 to 2006. These entry-level laptops were one of the first laptops that offered Wi-Fi connectivity.

First Generaton iBooks - Clamshells, Second Generation iBooks - Rectangular, Third Generation iBooks - PowerPC type. The memory type used by iBooks are SDRAM and DDR memory.

To find out the correct memory for your iBook, it is essential to identify the iBook model number. The model number can be located under the Apple Menu or using the Apple Serial Number.

iBooks have two slots. One slot is part of the motherboard itself, with the memory chips soldered to it. The other slot supports upgradable memory from 512MB to 1.5GB, and the slot is mostly under the keyboard.

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