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DDR4 - fastest and most efficient memory yet!

11. January 2017

DDR4 - fastest and most efficient memory yet!

As we embrace 2017, DDR4 the latest generation of DDR RAM Memory has increased in potential as the fastest and most efficient memory yet. MemoryStock offers DDR4 Memory in different speed.

DDR4 introduces with the speed / frequency of 2133 MHz available for all your Dell, HP, Acer, IBM Lenovo, MSI, Sony, GigaByte, Asus and many more Laptops, Desktops, All-In-One PCs, Motherboards and Servers.




Upgrade now to boost your existing system and overcome the greatest limitation set on your machines.

DDR4 offers twice the speed, capacity, 40%  Energy Efficient thereby allowing you to handle multiple workloads with ease.


Click here for DDR4 PC4-17000 2133MHz - RAM Upgrades

Order now with confidence, covered by Life-time replacement warranty and a 30-Day MoneyBack Guarantee from MemoryStock.

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Best Price DDR3 Memory from MemoryStock, even as the price climb higher.

12. October 2016

DDR3 RAM Memory are on the rise, again.

If you own a DDR3 Memory supporting laptop, desktops or servers, now is one of the best times to upgrade them, as the price of DDR3 RAM Memory are expected to climb higher, along with the encouraging sales of DDR4 Memory.


MemoryStock offers a variety of brands without compromising the RAM Quality. Shop now at for the best RAM.

For DDR3 RAM Memory upgrades, click here:

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Best Quality DDR4 Memory available at MemoryStock for your Servers, Desktops, Laptops, and All-In-One PCs

21. September 2016

Best Quality DDR4 Memory available at MemoryStock for your Servers, Desktops, Laptops, and All-In-One PCs

Introduction to DDR4 Memory.

DDR4 RAM Memory is the Fourth-Generation Double Data Rate SDRAM, released to the market in the Second Quarter of 2014. DDR4 ECC memory type were first instroduced, followed by Non-ECC DDR4.

As with previous Generations of DDR SDRAM Memory, the DDR4 is not interchangeable with its predecessors due to differences in voltage consumption, interface and dimensions.

Advantages / Differences of DDR4 vs DDR3

Single Module of up to 512 GB                                     Single Module of up to 128 GB
Operates at 1.2v                                                        Operates at 1.5 / 1.65v
Low-Voltage DDR4 operates at 1.05v                            Low Voltage DDR3 operates at 1.35v
288 Pin DIMMs                                                           240 Pin DIMMs
DDR4 SODIMMs 260 Pins                                             DDR3 SODIMMs 204 Pins
UniDIMMs 260 Pins (Notch Difference)                           UniDIMMs 260 Pins

  • Notches are placed in different location and hence the DDR3 and DDR4 cannot be interchanged.
  • Accomodates more signal Layers due to Increased Thickness.
  • Curved Edge to lower insertion force.

While DDR4 is bit expensive compared to DDR3, it has increased performance and higher bandwidths, decreased in voltage consumption. Thereby, extending battery life-span, faster data processing, seamless multi-tasking.

DDR4 Memory are available at MemoryStock at the below speeds:

For Servers, Desktops, Laptops and All-In-One PCs

Click here for DDR4 Memory

DDR4 PC4-17000 2133MHz
DDR4 PC4-19200 2400MHz
DDR4 PC4-21300 2666MHz
DDR4 PC4-22400 2800MHz
DDR4 PC4-24000 3000MHz
DDR4 PC4-25600 3200MHz
DDR4 PC4-26400 3300MHz
DDR4 PC4-26600 3333MHz
DDR4 PC4-27200 3400MHz


We, at MemoryStock offer DDR4 Memory at affordable cost without compromising the Quality of RAM, covered by free life-time replacement warranty from us.

Premium Live Chat Support is available free of cost for all your enquiries. Shop now with confidence at

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16 GB RAM Memory for your Dell PowerEdge SC1425 Server

30. August 2016

Dell PowerEdge SC1425 server is one of those servers that needs RAM Memory to be upgraded or configured in a specific order to get the maximum potential.

Dell PowerEdge SC1425 is an entry-level 1U Rackmount high performance server for ideal for clustered environments. It supports two Intel 64-bit Xeon Processor  (Single or Dual-Core) 4 TB Storage and up to 16 GB RAM Memory

It has six DIMM Slots that support the Registered ECC DDR2 400MHz Memory for a maximum of 16 GB

2 x 4 GB Dual Rank DDR2 Reg ECC Memory
4  x 2 GB Single Rank DDR2 Reg ECC Memory

4 GB, 4 GB, 2 GB, 2 GB, 2 GB, 2 GB = 16 GB

Visit for 100% compatible Dell PowerEdge SC1425 Server RAM upgrades.


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RAM Memory manufactured by some of the World's Top RAM Memory Manufacturer available at

26. August 2016

RAM Memory manufactured by some of the World's Top RAM Memory Manufacturer available at

Finding Quality RAM Memory upgrades is important and here at MemoryStock, we sell top quality Memory and some budget-wise memory without compromising the Quality.

In a few steps, you can find the compatible RAM Memory upgrades for your system at our site

All Memory we sell meets industry specifications for an 100% compatibility. Every module is tested with a series of equations before being shipped.

Some of the top RAM Memory available at our website are:


RAMBUS                             Micron                        Kingston                           Samsung

Transcend, Hynix, Infineon, PQI


The failure rates between these modules are very less, and despite all the tests, some modules arrive dead on arrival. MemoryStock replaces memory at no cost for the DOA modules.

With excellent Technical Support, Life-time replacement warranty, and a 14-day moneyback guarantee, RAM upgrades at MemoryStock is the place to come for!

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Simple RAM Memory Over- clocking Guide

8. July 2016

Simple RAM Memory Over- clocking Guide:

Overclocking - is configuring a PC hardware component to operate at a faster rate than was certified by the original manufacturer.

Intel's First Over-Clocking Utility SW was launched in 2003 for gamers and since have shown great commitment by releasing 'Full Range Base Clock' Over-Clocking in 2015.

Generally the clock frequency is increased to a faster speed, MHz / GHz. For the new speed to work, operating voltage is also increased. Over-clocking will lead to increase in power consumption and hear. If the heat is not removed, the procedure can lead to instability and sometimes will completely fail to a permanent damage.

To prevent damaging due to temperature increase, cooling methods such as the Heat Sink, Water Cooled system, or Liquid Nitrogen Cooling are used.

RAM Memory Over-Clocking can be done through BIOS.

Configure DRAM Frequency / Data rate to a increase of one level of frequency and DRAM Timing by 1-1-1-3.
Configure Voltages, Save and Reboot.

In some instances, voltages can be raised to correct stability.

Over-Clocking can be unrewarding, even when it works, so do all the research and pre-caution before attempting to over-clock.

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Upgrading RAM memory on your Gateway laptops and desktops.

21. June 2016

Upgrading RAM memory on your Gateway laptops and desktops.

Gateway laptops, desktop and servers were a line of computers manufactured by Gateway, Inc. It was one of the well-known brands known for their creativity shipping computers in Piebald boxes. Gateway, Inc was acquired by Acer in 2007 as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Upgrading RAM Memory on your Gateway / Acer Computers is easy and one of the quickest way to increase the performance of your computers, dramatically.

MemoryStock offers RAM Memory 100% compatible with any brand of computers, including Acer Gateway computers.



Click here to buy a RAM Memory Upgrade for your Gateway Computers.

RAM Memory for your desktops, laptops, and servers can be replaced easily with basic knowledge of RAM Upgrading factors.

How to find out if your systems needs a RAM upgrade:

If your system is slow and running several applications together lags the system, and sometimes resulting in 'Running out of memory' errors, then you will need to consider upgrading the RAM.

How to find out how much RAM Memory is present, and the maximum RAM Memory capacity of your system:

Each system is designed to a maximum amount of capability - Hard Disk, Processor, RAM Memory. To find the existing memory type, speed and size, you can use inbuilt System Information tools or by dissassembling the system.

The easiest way to find out the existing memory configuration is to run our MemoryStock Scanner Application designed to analyze only information related to an hardware upgrade.

To use our Scanner, click here:




The Scanner Application will show the exisitng memory configuration and will also redirect you to our website for compatible memory upgrades. is updated on a daily basis, as newer systems are released. The memory specifications are referred and verified with the manufacturer's specifications. So, you can trust us and upgrade the RAM memory of your Gateway Computers.

In the unlikely case of a defective module, you can opt for a replacement applicable for a life-time through our easy returns procedure.

Log on to for an upgrade to your Acer / Gateway's performance.

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How to find and install RAM Memory in Toshiba Satellite Laptops and Toshiba Satellite All-In-One PCs

17. June 2016

How to find and install RAM Memory in Toshiba Satellite Laptop.

This article will help you in finding the best RAM upgrade for your Toshiba Satellite Laptop or Toshiba Satellite All-In-One PCs.

The Leading Innovation Toshiba Satellite Laptops are one of the leading brand of laptops and All-In-One PCs. Like all brand of systems, they are shipped with standard memory, which will run out of memory as time passes by.

Upgrading RAM memory for your laptops and All-In-One PCs is easy. With the information explained any one with a basic knowledge of upgrade can do it.
Laptops, All-In-One PCs (AIO), Desktops and Servers come with certain amount of RAM memory installed. They are referred as 'Standard Memory' or 'Factory-installed Memory'. The size differs based on the memory controller's capability of a particular system.

To find out the existing memory size and speed of your system. Model name and number of the system is required.

There are two ways to find out the model information of your Toshiba Satellite System:

a) Model information is usually located under the laptop or in BIOS.
b) Use our memory scanner tool.

If you know the model info, go to and type in the model number. The search result will return and you can choose your model from the list.

If you do not have the model info, run the MemoryStock's Memory Scanner tool. It will pick the model information, BIOS version, installed memory configuration with speed, and also list you the compatible memory upgrades for your system within the tool itself.

Each system is designed to a maximum capacity, memory type and speed. Capacity as in GB, Memory Type as SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4. Speed as in MHz.
All these information is self-explanatory in our website. If you have questions regarding the upgrade, you can use our free Premium Live Chat, Email or Phone Support. We will be glad to assist you.

MemoryStock is a Global RAM Memory Supplier since 1999, shipping worldwide from Stockton, California. Our site is being updated daily with scores of models as newer systems are released every day. The memory shipped are tested for 100 % Quality, with the option to choose different brands, free and premium shipping services, 14-day MoneyBack Guarantee and life-time replacement warranty.

Upgrade RAM memory of your Toshiba Satellite Laptops, Toshiba Satellite All-In-One PCs for a performance change.

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Finding compatible RAM Memory Upgrade for IBM eServers.

14. June 2016

Finding compatible RAM Memory Upgrade for IBM eServers.

IBM eServers is Server series from IBM Corporation. eServers Family began in 2000 and in 2005, the name was changed to IBM Systems. They integrated various server brands  under one brand.

They are also known for the award-winning POWER4 microprocessor.

The Powerful IBM eServers are known for impressive storage capacity, power efficient, with peformance, flexibility for any business server environments.

Factory installed memory limits the performance of these servers as workload increases in time.

To bring out the maximum potential of your eServers, there are a few things that can be done - Upgrade to a faster, storage capacity, RAM upgrade or even a Processor Upgrade. But the easiest, quickest, cheapest upgrade for an effective performance is the RAM upgrade.


Upgrading RAM Memory for your IBM eServers is easy. Memory for most servers have to be install in matched pairs. And most of the IBM Servers support DDR memory type, allowing the server to process data doubly, and thereby improving the performance significantly.

IBM eServers support DDR Registered ECC Memory. MemoryStock carries a full line of Memory upgrades for Servers, Desktops and laptops for various brands including IBM Systems. MemoryStock offers 100% compatible memory upgrades for these IBM eServers with replacement warranty.

To find the compatible memory upgrades for your IBM eServers, go to our website and search with the model number. You can also use the memory scanner tool to find out the existing memory configuration and speeds.

If you are still unsure, you can contact our free premium live chat support or phone support and confirm the memory upgrade for your IBM eServers.

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Difference between DDR3 Memory and DDR3L Memory.

14. June 2016

Difference between DDR3 Memory and DDR3L Memory.

DDR3 Memory is a Single voltage memory operating at 1.5 volts only.

DDR3L Memory is a Dual Voltage memory that can operate at 1.5 or at 1.35 volts.





















The L stands for Low-Voltage. It consumes lesser voltage compared to DDR3, and hence reduces heat, faster operations, longer life-spans.

4th Gen Intel Processors support DDR3L Memory. So, newer laptops that uses this generation of processors will not work with regular 'DDR3' Memory.

Since DDR3L Memory has Dual Voltage, DDR3L Memory is backward compatible with DDR3 supporting systems. Both DDR3 and DDR3L have same physical dimensions that allow the memory to fit in the slot. So, you can install DDR3L Memory in a system that comes with the regular DDR3.

Low-Voltage memory can be Desktop Memory (DIMM) or Laptop (SODIMM) memory.

Sometimes, DDR3L is also identified as 'PC3L'.

To find out, if your system supports the newer DDR3L Memory, log on to and find out with your system model name and number. If your system is not listed or if you  need assistance, you can contact our live chat support at this link.

Upgrading your system with RAM is the quickest, cost-effective upgrade to improve the performance significantly. Try MemoryStock for the best deal on RAM.

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